Josh Norman and Odell Beckham didn’t have much to say about their upcoming matchup when asked about it on Wednesday. During Beckham’s availability, New York media members asked 10 questions before bringing up the Redskins cornerback.

Norman was asked about Beckham off the top of his brief availability the same day but he did not have a whole lot to say.

There were no fireworks between Norman and Beckham when the Redskins and Giants met in Week 3.

“Hope it will be like that this time, too,” said Norman.

“The storm has finally settled down . . . Just regular guys in a regular game you get to see on Sunday,” he said. “That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Beckham said that it was a relief that the matchup is not the focus of Sunday’s game.

“It’s always been about a bigger picture than two players on the football field, in my mind,” said Beckham. “It’s something that was kind of created.”

Of course, the perceived feud and subsequent media hype was “created” largely because last December Beckham lost control during his matchup with Norman, then with the Panthers, and ended up getting suspended for a game. But since that Week 3 game during which the only violent incident involving Beckham came when he hit a kicking net and the net hit back, things have settled down.

Norman’s takeaway from that game was that he was able to expand his resume a bit. He was known as a zone cornerback in Carolina but in this game he traveled with Beckham from side to side for much of the game.


“A lot of people think I can't do a lot of things and then I get put in a place to do them and and it's like, wow, didn't know you have that,” he said. “Well, you didn't ask. If you ask, you receive . . . It helps the team out. That's the biggest thing, it helps the team out.”

Beckham did not exactly get shut down in Week 3 as he had seven receptions for 121 yards. But he didn’t get a big play (long gain of 26), he didn’t get into the end zone, and the Redskins won the game.

With the Giants coming into the game locked into the No. 5 seed the main storyline has been how long the Giants’ starters will play. Well, it is to those on the outside. The principals aren’t concerned about it in the least.

“If they say you go out there, then you go out there,” said Beckham. “You never know. It’s not something that is so much talked about. I’m sure it’ll come up in conversation, but I expect to play.”

Norman will be ready for whatever comes along.

“I don't care, bring them on,” he said when asked if he would rather not face the New York starters. “Bring everybody who plays, who don't play. I don't know what Coach McAdoo will do but they don't affect what we do at the end of the day. We've got to go out there and we've got to strap up.”

Norman is well aware that Beckham is the kind of player who doesn’t necessarily have to play the whole game to have an impact. He could catch a slant in the first quarter and turn it into a long touchdown. That score could be the difference in the game.