The Redskins got in two full practice days and, oh yeah, made two massive front office promotions. A lot happened at Redskins Park, and we wrap up the best quotes of the week. 

  • Bottom line - The team promoted Doug Williams and Eric Schaffer to senior vice president roles, but in the end, team president Bruce Allen still has final say.

The last few years, Jay and Scot [McCloughan] have reported to me and it’s no different, Doug and Jay are going to report to me.

  • Hard, but not too hard - Junior Galette injured his Achilles the last two seasons, and though he's back to about 80-percent now, the Redskins want to be cautious with the formerly explosive pass rusher. Jay Gruden knows he needs to be careful with Galette, but much of that onus is on the player. 

I think we’re going to try to push him as much as we can, but he has to also be smart, there’s a fine line there. Only he can tell us how his body feels.​

  • Hero returns - Doug Williams is undeniably a hero in the Redskins organization. A Super Bowl winning quarterback that made history, and a class act off the field. No matter the circumstances surrounding Scot McCloughan's departure, Williams earned this shot. And he is excited. 

Standing here today, I’m a real humble individual and I’m going to say something my college coach used to always say to me, he ‘had to be the luckiest man in the world,’ and that’s how I feel this morning to be in this position proudly. I’m humbled this morning, but it’s my job to lead the personnel department.

​Bonus quote: Jim Tomsula is known to be a great defensive line coach, and he's also known to be quite funny. He showed both skills with the media this week, but it was his explanation of shaving his mustache that stood out. 

My wife said, ‘Look man, you look old and scraggly, get that off.’ Her and her daughters. I said ‘Ok, let me shave that off.’ She said, ‘And by the way, you’ve been fat for 20 years. Lose some weight.’ I got on a diet and I shaved my mustache. I’m not dying my hair though.