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Redskins playoff game or brother's wedding? One fan may have to choose

Redskins playoff game or brother's wedding? One fan may have to choose

Faizan Malik, like many Washington, D.C. natives, is dedicated to the Redskins. Malik, who currently resides in Salisbury, Maryland, hasn't missed watching a game since 2007, owns more than 20 jerseys and even drives a burgundy car.

That passion for the team is why a choice that would seem easy on the surface to others could end up being very stressful for him. And whether he has to make that choice will be decided on Sunday evening.

You see, Malik's brother, Sufyan, is getting married on January 7, with the ceremony starting at 5 p.m. and a reception scheduled to follow. Now, January 7 also just so happens to be the first day of the NFL's Wild Card weekend — and if the Redskins can beat the Giants this weekend and the Lions and Packers avoid what would be a devastating tie, there's a very good chance Washington would be slated to play during Sufyan's big day.


Hello, potential conflict.

"The notion that the playoff game and wedding might be at the same time just occurred to me over the weekend, when the Redskins' path to the playoffs became a little clearer," Malik said in an interview a few hours after tweeting CSN Redskins Insider JP Finlay to see if Finlay had any intel on the matter. "I am praying that by some grace of God the game can either be a 1 p.m. start or anytime on Sunday the 8th. I would even take an 8 p.m. start on the 7th, as the reception would be wrapping up by that point and I could sneak out without a problem."

As things stand now, it looks like Malik's odds of avoiding an unenviable intersection of two crucial life events are solid. As he said, any playoff game on Sunday would be in the clear, and the late game on Saturday would be, well, somewhat fine.

But an earlier kickoff on Saturday? That would present a serious problem.

"If the wedding and playoff are at the same time, I’m not sure what I would do at this point," he said. "Every Redskins game is huge to me, especially a playoff game, and my family knows this. I will not be missing the game though, that I can tell you for sure."

Malik said he's exploring options that would help him stay tuned to the Redskins' playoff proceedings, if they do indeed qualify. Placing a TV near the DJ booth or downloading an app that would allow for live-streaming are among his possible contingency plans.

There is one thing he can't prepare for, though: The backlash from his parents if he's forced to be distracted at or prematurely leave Sufyan's wedding.

"I texted my brother [Tuesday] about this issue, and he sent a laughing emoji. He knows how much the Redskins and this game mean to me." Malik said. "It’s my mom and dad I’m worried about."


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The Steelers won't tag Le'Veon Bell, meaning the RB will soon be an unrestricted free agent

USA Today Sports Images

The Steelers won't tag Le'Veon Bell, meaning the RB will soon be an unrestricted free agent

Most NFL teams spend years searching for All-Pro offensive weapons. But in the past few days, the Steelers have indicated they're about to move on from two such players.

On Tuesday, Antonio Brown met with team management, and the franchise reportedly decided trading Brown was in their best interest.

Then, on Wednesday, Pittsburgh's GM said there would be no more tags applied to Le'Veon Bell, meaning he'll be an unrestricted free agent this March. 

There had been speculation the Steelers may continue their messy relationship with the running back by placing the transition tag on him. In the end, though, he'll get what he's wanted for quite some time now, albeit later than he wanted it: a chance for a big new contract on the open market.

Now, for all the Redskins fans reading this (hopefully of which there are many, because that'll make my bosses happy), the obvious, yet longshot, question is: Any chance Bell comes to Washington?

The answer, as with any high-priced free agent these days, is almost definitely not. The Redskins don't have money to burn like they routinely did a decade ago, and Bell's going to be craving lots of cash.

Furthermore, if the 'Skins are going to sign a running back, they're much more likely to bring back that Hall of Famer who went over 1,000 yards in 2018 despite arriving in August. Adrian Peterson's yearly salary should be about a third of what Bell's will be, the deal will be shorter and everyone on the Burgundy and Gold would welcome additional time with that particular No. 26.

Bell's going to make someone's offense a lot scarier in 2019. Just don't expect it to be Jay Gruden's.


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2019 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Who are the Redskins taking at 15?

USA Today Sports Images

2019 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Who are the Redskins taking at 15?

As the calendar turns toward spring, one thing consumes the NFL: mock drafts. Leading up to the NFL Draft on April 25, many will try to predict which players each of the 32 teams will select. Though no one will know for sure until the names are called, it's still interesting to see what potential directions teams might go in.

Let's take a look at what some people believe the Redskins will do with their first round pick.

ESPN's Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Drew Lock (QB, Missouri) Kiper currently has Washington taking a quarterback in the first-round, but maybe not the one people were expecting. While Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins are viewed as first-round locks by many, the Missouri product's placement in the draft is not as certain. In this scenario, Kiper has Murray and Haskins off the board before Washington gets on the clock, making Lock the best available passer remaining. In his senior seaosn, Lock finished with 3,498 passing yards and 28 touchdowns.

CBS Sports' R.J. White: Devin White (ILB, LSU) Not a quarterback here. White has the Redskins using a pick on the junior linebacker. With questions surrounding what will happen with Zach Brown as well as pass-rushing linebacker Preston Smith, White could fill a need for the Redskins. 

CBS Sports' Ryan Wilson and Chris Trapasso: Daniel Jones (QB, Duke) The Redskins take a passer in both of these mocks as well, just a different one. Jones, the junior from Duke, slides in at No. 15 behind both Murray and Haskins. However, Wilson also has Lock going before the Redskins pick, while Trapasso has him falling to No. 28. 

Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox: Daniel Jones (QB, Duke) More Jones here for the Redskins. The passer, who threw for 22 touchdowns in 2018, is the fourth quarterback off the board in this mock draft as Haskins, Murray and Lock all go in the top 10. 

USA Today's Luke Easterling: Daniel Jones (QB, Duke) Starting to see a theme here? Not only does this mock draft have the Redskins selecting Jones, but it has them moving up to No. 12 to make the selection. Easterling describes Jones as, "a raw but promising passer." 

NFL Analyst Charley Casserly: Daniel Jones (QB, Duke) Describing him as a passer with "excellent field vision, anticipation and accuracy," Casserly likes Jones in Washington.

NBC Sports Washington's Ben Standig: Montez Sweat (DE, Mississippi St.) As mentioned earlier, Preston Smith's time with the burgundy and gold could be coming to an end. Sweat, who recorded 11.5 sacks last season, impressed at the Senior Bowl and could make an impact from Day 1. While many see the Redskins taking a quarterback, Standig sees inside linebacker as a priority