"Garish uniforms" was the two-word rationale the Redskins used in their proposal to opt out of wearing the NFL's Color Rush uniforms. Garish is a term that means obtrusively bright and showy, and they may have a valid point. 

The NFL is allowing teams to suggest rule changes for the upcoming 2017 season. A full list of proposals was released on Thursday and this was among five of the Redskins' suggestions.  

It may come as a surprise as the Redskins' only Thursday night game last season was on Thanksgiving, meaning they did not have to participate in the Color Rush game. Fans of the Redskins and other teams may not blame them for this proposal. Take a look at the uniform below. 

As far as the other proposals submitted, they want the touchback spot to be moved back to the 20-yard line when the kickoff goes through the uprights, stating player safety.

They proposed having unlimted replays as long as the team continues to win their challenges, a rule they have submitted in years past.


They asked that if a player is concussed and has not been cleared by doctors, to place him on the team's exempt list, allowing them to replace him with another player until cleared. 

And finally, the team would like the NFL to extend the 75 man roster deadline to 6:00 p.m. EST on the Saturday of the fourth preseason weekend. Right now, the deadline is 4:00 p.m. EST on the Tuesday after the third preseason weekend. 

These proposals will be introduced next week in Arizona at the NFL owners meeting. 

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