The Redskins have found their offensive and defensive coordinators and they are ready to get on with the business portion of the offseason. 

The big question between now and the middle of March is how they will divvy up their $62 million in cap space

Here we’ll take a position-by-position look at the cap situation and explore some of the Redskins’ options. 

So far we’ve looked at the offensive tackle position and the interior offensive line. Today the focus is on wide receivers. 

Cap info via

The Redskins currently have XX interior O-linemen under contract.

— Josh Doctson, 2017 cap hit $2.3 million, under contract through 2019
— Jamison Crowder, $751,000, through 2018
— Ryan Grant, $743,400, through 2017
— Maurice Harris, $540,000, through 2017

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—Doctson will play two more years before the Redskins will have to decide whether they should exercise the fifth-year option on their 2016 first-round pick. That option is likely to be in the vicinity of $8 million dollars. Doctson doesn’t have to be a superstar for the Redskins to pick it up but he does have to stay on the field.


—Crowder will be in the third year of his rookie deal. He is not eligible for an extension until after this season. Assuming he’s anywhere near as productive this year as he has been the last two he should be a priority for the Redskins.

—Grant was a 2014 draft pick and he is eligible for an extension. However, I doubt that his agent’s phone is ringing. The coaches love his work ethic and his practice habits but they will see if he can be more productive than he has been before talking about keeping him around longer.

—Harris will be an exclusive-rights free agent after this season and a restricted free agent in 2019.

Positional spending

2016: $23.5 million, 2nd in NFL
2017: $7.0 million, 29th in NFL

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Adding and subtracting:
Outside of the Kirk Cousins contract saga, the talk of the town is what will happen with pending free agent receivers Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson. Will they sign one, the other one, both, or neither?

It seems unlikely that they will let both of them get away. With $62 million in cap space they could afford to sign both but doing so would not be good cap management. Both Jackson and Garçon turned 30 last year and both should get three-year deals worth around $8 to $9 million per year. In a vacuum that might not be too bad, especially considering the cap will grow.

But then you must look at Crowder. If they want to extend him in a year it is likely that he will get a deal in the same range as the two veterans, maybe more considering that he will be just 25 years old. Three contracts that size at one position would create a cap squeeze. They certainly don’t want to risk losing Crowder in order to keep both aging receivers around.

The conventional wisdom is that the team will sign Garçon, who is a better fit in terms being Scot McCloughan’s idea of a “football player” than Jackson in terms of leadership and setting an example. While it would be hard to see someone with Jackson’s unique talent go elsewhere, especially if it’s in the division, Garçon seems to be the better fit with team right now.

Here are those scenarios again what I see as the order of likelihood: Garçon only, neither, Jackson only, both.

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