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Redskins' Trent Williams honored by peers for fourth straight year

Redskins' Trent Williams honored by peers for fourth straight year

Redskins left tackle Trent Williams has been named to the NFL’s Top 100 for the fourth consecutive year, checking in at No. 45 on a list that’s determined by player votes.

Williams’ selection makes him the third Redskin to make the cut for 2016. The others are tight end Jordan Reed, who came in at No. 77, and quarterback Kirk Cousins, who was 85th. Players 1-40 will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Williams, a four-time Pro Bowl selection and captain of the offense, has seen his ranking improve each year, rising from 99 to 60 and then 47. In 2016, he anchored an O-line that ranked fourth in sacks yielded (27), just a year after ranking 31st (58).  

During the Top 100 program, which airs each Wednesday on NFL Network, Williams was praised by teammates and opponents for his freakish athleticism, nasty disposition and toughness.

“The best player at my position in the NFL today would be Trent Williams,” Browns tackle Joe Thomas said. “Being a left tackle is all about consistency and doing your job every single play, and I think he does that really well.”

Added former Redskins and current Patriots nose tackle Terrance Knighton: “Virtually impossible to beat. …I’m still waiting to see what works against him.”

“For a man that large to be that fast and that quick, it’s pretty rare,” Cousins said. “Every pass rusher that we play, he just seems to neutralize them. And as a quarterback it makes me feel very, very safe back there.”

The most interesting comments on Williams, though, came from the guys who line up against him on Sundays.

“Toughest O-lineman? Trent Williams,” said Bucs defensive end Jacquies Smith.

Said Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels: “He’s mean out there, and I love that. I love guys that are jerks on the field. You have to be like that in the trenches. I have a lot of respect for him and I can’t wait to play against him this year.”

“He’s one of those bitter, petty type of players that you certainly want as offensive linemen,” Saints end Cameron Jordan said. “He talks greasy, plays nasty. He should have been a D-tackle.”  

Vikings end Linval Joseph added: “He has a great attitude for football, just so aggressive. He gets in your head, and once somebody gets in your head, they own you. He’s going to own a lot of guys. He’s special and he’s going to be special for a long time.”

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The Kerrigans are having a baby and, WOW, this is all so very exciting


The Kerrigans are having a baby and, WOW, this is all so very exciting

The Kerrigan family is about to make a big-time addition to its roster.

Ryan and his wife, Jessica, already have two very, VERY, very, very cute bulldogs in their household. 

But on Tuesday, the two announced in separate Instagram posts that Jessica is 18 weeks pregnant and that a third human Kerrigan will arrive in 2019.

"Can I eat dis sign aftur da picturr iz over?" George the bulldog said when reached for comment on the news.

"How did dey gett such a smawl jerzey for da baby alreddy?" Franklin the other bulldog added.

This is all very wonderful.

Come next March, the world is about to get a little precious-er.


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Adrian Peterson's impressive day vs. the Panthers wasn't exactly supposed to happen

Adrian Peterson's impressive day vs. the Panthers wasn't exactly supposed to happen

When you don't hear from someone you wanted to hear from, you typically follow up.

But on Sunday during the Redskins' 23-17 win over the Panthers, Jay Gruden actually didn't follow up with Adrian Peterson about a plan the two first discussed leading up to kickoff.

Everyone associated with burgundy and gold should be OK with that, however, after seeing how things played out.

During his weekly, exclusive interview with JP Finlay on the Redskins Talk podcast, Gruden explained how Peterson's injury situation almost prevented the running back from posting his crucial 17-carry, 97-yard stat line. 

"I talked to him before the game, had a sit-down with him," the head coach said. "I told him I was probably only gonna use him on short-yardage and goal line if that, you know? Because I want him to heal, we have a long season ahead of us." 

Heading into Week 6, Peterson was dealing with shoulder, ankle and knee issues. Plus, he's 33 years old at a position where that number is way more common on a player's jersey than in his bio under "age."

So, Gruden's concern made some sense, especially considering how necessary a productive Peterson has been to the 'Skins' success in 2018. Problem is, the two never connected again, so the coach's pitch count was never executed.

"He says, 'Oh, just let me go early, I'll let you know how I'm doing,'" Gruden recalled. "We let him go early and I never heard from him so I just kept him in there. He played great. He's a pro, he's a stud."

For those of you now wondering if this means you should start ignoring emails from your boss or not text your buddy back and still expect success, let's not get too carried away here. In this instance, a lack of communication worked for the future Hall of Famer, but that doesn't mean it's going to work for you.