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Redskins vs. Bears Live Updates: Score, stats, highlights, video, analysis

Redskins vs. Bears Live Updates: Score, stats, highlights, video, analysis

The Redskins head to Chicago in Week 16 to take on the Bears in a game that could make or break their season.

The Redskins (7-6-1) must win their final two games of the season in order to have a shot at securing the final Wild Card spot in the NFC after falling to the Panthers just a few days ago on Monday night.

They take  on the Bears (3-11) a team with little to play for other than spoiling the Redskins' playoff hopes. 


The Redskins will reportedly be without Jordan Reed, who re-injured his shoulder before being ejected on Monday night.

While Reed can be the ultimate X-Factor, his lingering shoulder injury has limited what he has been able to do, both as a playmaker and a decoy in the past two weeks. If the final inactive list confirms earlier reports, it will be up to Vernon Davis carry the load as the top tight end, something he has been more than successful at this season.

The Week 16 Redskins vs. Bears game kicks off at 1:00 p.m. ET on FOX. But before the game begins be sure to tune into Redskins Kickoff at 12:00 p.m. ET on CSN!



3:51 p.m.: Even DHall's got jokes. 

3:44 p.m.: Everybody gets an interception! Josh Norman gets his second pick of the day, and Barkley has now thrown five on the day. 

3:34 p.m.: The Redskins turn their latest interception into a field goal, and are now up 34-14 early in the fourth quarter. 

3:32 p.m.: Not bad company to join. 

3:30 p.m.: Matt Barkley throws his FOURTH interception of the day, this time to Will Blackmon. Defense is getting healthy against the Bears offense. 

3:29 p.m.: Somehow, this was not a first down. 


3:15 p.m.: Cousins scores on his second rushing touchdown of the day, this time on a quarterback sneak. It's now 31-14 Redskins late in the third quarter. 

3:14 p.m.: Jackson diagnosed with a jaw injury and is questionable to return.

3:07 p.m.: Oh no, DeSean Jackson down after the Redskisn convert a key third down. Stay tuned. 

2:54 p.m.: Bashaud Breeland is questionable to return with an ankle injury. 

Scoring drives:  

First quarter           

Thompson 7 run (Hopkins kick)

Drive: 8 plays, 65 yards, 3:35

Drive summary: The Redskins got moving on their second possession with Rob Kelly runs of five and eight yards and then Kirk Cousins passes to Pierre Garçon for 16 and DeSean Jackson for 21 got a first down in the red zone at the Chicago 15. On third and two at the seven Chris Thompson popped up the middle and into the end zone for the score.

Redskins 7, Bears 0 7:43


Thompson 17 pass from Cousins (Hopkins kick)

Drive: 5 plays, 80 yards, 2:25

Drive summary: The Redskins got started with a Cousins pass over the middle to Jackson. The receiver tucked in and raced for 57 yards to the Chicago 18. On third and nine at the 17 Cousins flipped a screen pass to Thompson and he followed his blocking and ran into the end zone.

Redskins 14, Bears 0 0:57


Second quarter      

FG Hopkins 29

Drive: 9 plays, 88 yards. 4:40

Drive summary: The Redskins started in a hole at their own one yard line after a Bashaud Breeland interception but they got out of it quickly with a pass from Cousins to Garçon for 45 yards. A few plays later on third and one Cousins went deep to Garçon for 46 yards to the Chicago 16. On third and seven, Cousins’ pass to Jackson was short of the sticks and Hopkins came in to extend the Redskins’ lead.

Redskins 17, Bears 0 10:07


Langford 1 run (Barth kick)

Drive: 8 plays, 75 yards, 3:47

Drive summary: The Bears converted a third and seven with a nine-yard pass from Barkley to Alshon Jeffery to start the drive. On the next play Jordan Howard ran for 13 yards and then 15 more were tacked on for a horse collar tackle. That got the Bears a first down in Redskins territory at the 35. On third and eight at the 33 Barkley fired to Cameron Meredith over the middle for 32 yards to the one. On the next play Jeremy Langford powered up the middle for the touchdown.

Redskins 17, Bears 7  6:20


Cousins 9 run (Hopkins kick)

Drive: 9 plays, 91 yards, 4:39

Drive summary: The Redskins got a couple of third and long conversions of their own to jump-start this drive. On third and 10 from the nine, Cousins went over the middle to Jackson for 29 yards. A few plays later on third and 11 Jackson drew a pass interference flag that move the ball into Bears territory at the 35. Two Kelley runs gained a total of 11 yards for another first down. Then Kelley found room up the middle for 15 yards for a first and goal at the nine. On the next play Cousins ran a read option around right end for the touchdown.

Redskins 24, Bears 7


Meredith 21 pass from Barkley (Barth kick)

Drive: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:07

Drive summary: The Bears got a quick drive after getting possession in the last two minutes. Barkley went deep to Jeffery for 37 yards to the Redskins 21. On the next play Barkley found Meredith open in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown.

Redskins 24, Bears 14 0:34



2:31 p.m.: And it's a 10 point game again. Bears respond by driving down and scoring another touchdown. It's 24-14 Redskins now. 

2:24 p.m.: Kirk "Wheels" Cousins! He turns the corner on a zone-read keeper and runs it in from nine yards out. It's 24-7 with 1:41 left in the first half. 

2:21 p.m.: Uh oh. Rob Kelley is down after a first down run late in the first half. Stay tuned. 

2:07 p.m.: Bears come back with a touchdown drive to get on the board thanks to a one-yard run by Jeremy Langford. It's 17-7 Skins. 

1:58 p.m.: Redskins tack on a field to extend the lead to 17-0 midway through the second quarter. 

1:51 p.m.: Bashaud Breeland makes history. 


1:42 p.m.: Scoreboard watch - the Packers are up 14-3 over the Vikings. The Redskins need Green Bay and Tampa Bay each lose at least once for them to control their destiny. 

1:41 p.m: Chris Thompson 14, Bears 0. The Redskins' running back scores again on a third down screen pass, extending Washington's lead to two scores late in the first quarter. 

1:20 p.m.: That'll do, DeSean. That'll do. 

1:18 p.m.: And the Redskins strike first! They march 65 yards on 8 plays, capping it off with a Chris Thompson touchdown run. It's 7-0 Washington early in the first quarter.

1:09 p.m.: Nice little smacktalk between the two teams on social media as this one gets underway. 


12:55 p.m.: Plenty of good seats still available.

12:40 p.m.: Meanwhile, everyone in our Redskins Kickoff studio is completely fixated on Chick Hernandez's interview/monologue. 

12:30 p.m.: Kirk Cousins is out here providing lifelong memories for fans. 

12:15 p.m.: Will Compton's status for today was up in the air for much of the week. He's out on the field and is ready to go, but  he is wearing a rather zieable knee brace.

12:00 p.m.: It's time to head over to CSN to join Brian Mitchell, Trevor Matich and Chick Hernandez on Redskins Kickoff right now.

11:30 a.m.: In somewhat related news: Rashad Ross, who was waived by the Redskins on Thursday, just signed with a new team, one very familiar with the Bears AND Redskins.

11:20 a.m.: The official inactive list is here and Jordan Reed is on it, which is not good news. Luckily, Vernon Davis has done a solid job in relief this season. 

11:10 a.m.: Y'all ready? The Showstopper is.

11:00 am: Happy holidays, folks and welcome to CSN Mid-Atlantic's live coverage of the Week 16 matchup between the Redskins and Bears. As always, I am your esteemed host, Troy Machir. Be sure to follow me on Twitter. It's the holiday season. Just do it. 

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Ryan Kerrigan electrifies crowd, chugs beer through his shirt in nod to T.J. Oshie

Ryan Kerrigan electrifies crowd, chugs beer through his shirt in nod to T.J. Oshie

There was only one way for Redskins linebacker and Capitals fan Ryan Kerrigan to show his support for TJ Oshie and the Caps prior to Game 5 when he led fans in the "Let's Go Caps" chant at Capital One Arena. 

He chugged some beer through his shirt - a nod to the move Oshie introduced to Caps fans and the world during last summer's Stanley Cup celebration.

Kerrigan joined fans and the Capitals showing support for the Capitals forward heading into Game 5 of the series between the Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes, following an injury he suffered in Game 4.

While Kerrigan will be spending Game 5 in the stands hoping to help the team through motivation, he was also prepared to take a much more hands-on approach in order to try and get a victory.

Ahead of Saturday's Game 5 matchup between the Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes, Kerrigan stopped by NBC Sports Washington's Caps Pregame Live coverage to explain how he's ready to suit up and throw his body around on the ice if the Caps need him.

"I'm here, I got a jersey on. I'm ready to roll," Kerrigan said.

His services may be of interest to Washington, as the series has proven to be a physical one. However, there is one little piece of adversity both sides might have to overcome.

"I can't skate very well," Kerrigan admitted. "So that might be a little bit of a hiccup there."

So while Kerrigan may not be exactly what the Caps need, the Redskin's willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team win is a testament to his fandom of Washington's hockey team. Since he became a part of the D.C. sports community 2011, he's grown fond of a sport he didn't follow much growing up.

"Growing up in Indiana, we don't have a team there, it was all basketball for us in Indiana," Kerrigan said. "Since I got here, everyone is so passionate about the Caps, it was easy to become a fan and really dive into hockey."

Now immersed in the sport, Kerrigan tried out his analyst skills as well prior to the matchup.

"I think they got to come out the gates hot, I think they got to come out physical," Kerrigan said. "They got to come out and be physical. I'm a defensive guy, you got to be physical."

He also predicted that Nicklas Backstrom would have an impact on the game, and with Backstrom opening up the scoring early on in the contest, it seems as if Kerrigan may have a profession to fall back on after football.

Yet when the puck drops, Kerrigan will act just like the thousands of other Caps fans packed into Capital One Arena. One the edge of his seat, living and dying with every second that ticks, Kerrigan is more into the game than ever before.

"Especially coming off the Stanley Cup last year, we're wanting to go back-to-back now," Kerrigan said. "My wife and I watched every game last year during the postseason run. We were yelling really loud when they were winning, we were really focused when things weren't going so well.  No different this postseason."

Speaking of his wife and family, Kerrigan also took some time to talk about his new life as a father following the birth of his daughter Lincoln last month. Just around 40 days into parenting, it's safe to say that the bruising linebacker has found a soft spot for his little girl.

"That's all I heard going up to it. Little girl will change your life, little girl will melt your heart and I'm like, 'yeah yeah whatever,'" Kerrigan said. "And then I held her for the first time and I'm crying, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Though Kerrigan may have a soft spot there, opposing quarterbacks shouldn't get their hopes up. According to him, he's still ready to be as physical as ever when he hits the gridiron.

"Only she can get the soft dad," Kerrigan said with a smile.


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After years of neglect on defensive line, Redskins continue smart moves with Matt Ioannidis deal

USA Today Sports

After years of neglect on defensive line, Redskins continue smart moves with Matt Ioannidis deal

For two decades the Redskins bounced back and forth between neglect and negligence along their defensive line. 

Prior to the 2017 NFL Draft, Washington hadn't selected a defensive lineman in the first round since the 1990s. The team just did not invest in the draft in the interior of their defensive line. During that time, there were some big-name free agent acquisitions up front, but those didn't work out either. In fact, the Albert Haynesworth contract might be the worst in the history of the sport. 

The result, largely, was bad play along the defensive front and an inability to stop the run, and that largely coincided with losing football teams. There is a direct correlation. 

In the last two seasons, however, the Redskins dramatically changed their approach.

In 2017, Washington selected defensive tackle Jonathan Allen out of Alabama in the first round. In 2018, Washington again took an Alabama defensive linemen in the first round in Daron Payne. The team also added fifth-rounder Tim Settle out of Virginia Tech. 

This week news emerged from Ashburn that the 'Skins took care of another defensive linemen, 2016 fifth-rounder Matt Ioannidis, with a three-year contract extension with $14 million guaranteed. 

Of all the moves to bolster the defensive line, the new deal for Ioannidis should make 'Skins fans the most excited. 

When Allen slipped to middle of the first round in 2017, it was a no-brainer to pick him. When the Redskins added Payne last season, he was the highest player on their draft board at a position of need. 

Those moves were good, but obvious. 

Inking Ioannidis to a contract extension was anything but obvious, and that's why this move looks so good. 

This is a late-round pick out of Temple, hardly a football factory like Alabama. Ioannidis was cut as a rookie after his first training camp, and the team signed him back to their practice squad. Eventually, he made the active roster in 2016 and played sparingly in parts of 10 games. He finished that year with seven tackles. 

Then, something happened.

The Redskins developed a late-round pick, and while Ioannidis deserves a ton of credit for turning his body into 300 lbs. of bull-rushing muscle, the organization deserves credit too, particularly defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. 

In his second NFL season, Ioannidis logged 4.5 sacks an 27 tackles in 14 games. Last year, he got 7.5 sacks and 31 tackles in 14 games. 2018 marked the real turning point for Ioannidis. Early on, he ws a beast, and his sack-per-snap numbers ranked among the best in the league. 

Injuries have been an issue for the 25-year-old, but beyond that, Washington was wise to lock Ioannidis up now. 

2019 would be the final season on his rookie deal, and if he performs similarly this year as he did last year, his potential free agent market would have been hot. If he improves this fall, Ioannidis would have commanded a significantly higher deal next offseason than the one he just signed to stay in Washington. 

There's also the precedent that the Redskins front office can identify their valuable young talent and take care of those players. The last two offseasons, Washington has let a number of draft picks walk in free agency. Players like Jamison Crowder, Preston Smith, Ryan Grant, Trent Murphy and Spencer Long are just some of the names. Getting an extension done with Ioannidis reinforces for other players in the 'Skins locker room that the money will come if they work hard and play well. 

Don't forget either that it was head coach Jay Gruden that pushed hard for the team to draft Matt Ioannidis back in 2016. While the head coach faces significant pressure this fall to find a playoff bid, this is a good example of the coach's personnel acumen. 

There's also some long-term roster construction in play. 

The Redskins have three more years of contractual control for 24-year-old Allen, and four more years for the 21-year-old Payne. Now, Ioannidis is under contract for four more seasons. 

That's three high impact players on the defensive line, all under 25 years old, that will be in Burgundy and Gold through at least the 2021-22 season. 

It wasn't long ago that the defensive line was by far the Redskins worst position group on the team. In 2016, they had the worst run defense in the league. 

Credit to the team for fixing that, finally. 

And credit to the team for recognizing young talent, and proactively getting a deal done before Ioannidis hits free agency. 

Redskins fans often say they want their team to do what the good teams do. Here's the formula: find hidden talent late in the draft, develop that talent, sign them long-term. 

With the Matt Ioannidis contract extension, that's exactly what Washington just did.