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For Redskins, will shorter term with full guarantees get a Cousins deal done?

For Redskins, will shorter term with full guarantees get a Cousins deal done?

The prevailing notion around the Redskins negotiations with Kirk Cousins on a long-term deal seem to center around a five-year contract, especially after the Raiders reached a five-year extension with Derek Carr, their young star quarterback. 

Much group think points to a similar deal between Cousins and the Redskins. If you're Cousins, however, why sign?

The Redskins passer has all the leverage in the situation. He's got $20 million in the bank from the 2016 season, and he's due $24 million this season on the franchise tag. All guaranteed. 

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Washington team president Bruce Allen has repeatedly talked about team options for 2018. Those options would be a $28 million transition tag or another franchise tag at $34 million. Expensive options. Cousins has repeatedly talked about market value, and how he has little choice in what happens. 

One area Cousins has control: signing a multi-year contract. 

The longer this thing drags out, it seems more and more likely Cousins will play on the tag in 2017. While it might seem crazy, the Redskins have strongly suggested another tag is in play for 2018. 

That means Cousins would be in D.C. at least two more seasons. As Grant Paulsen reported, last offseason the Cousins camp was looking for a three-year deal with all guaranteed money, based on the 2016 franchise tag salary of about $20 million.

Could a similar, albeit more costly, deal get done now based on the 2017 franchise tag? Three years, $24 million per, all guaranteed?

Cousins knows, and has said, that the team can keep him at least two more seasons. The Redskins also know, should they use the transition tag to save some money, Cousins can walk with hardly any compensation next offseason. Is the organization brave enough to try a non-exclusive franchise tag in 2018? Cousins would likely be quick to sign a one-year deal at $34 million, and teams could wait for him to hit free agency in 2019.

The Redskins are low on options. Maybe less years makes more sense for Cousins, and maybe, just maybe, that can get a deal done. 

Washington might want a long-term deal, but after messing up this contract situation for two years, maybe now they should take what they can get. 


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MUST SEE: Watch this incredible angle of Terry McLaurin's one-handed TD

MUST SEE: Watch this incredible angle of Terry McLaurin's one-handed TD

Terry McLaurin made the best catch of the Redskins season on Sunday in Green Bay. The rookie wideout's touchdown grab came late in the fourth quarter and brought the Redskins within one score of the Packers.

Of the play, McLaurin explained after the game he knew the ball was coming his way and he just wanted to make a play for his quarterback, and college teammate, Dwayne Haskins.

"I knew in that situation I was going to get the ball. So I just wanted to widen the hole for Dwayne," the rookie wideout said. "As soon as I hit my outside foot, he threw it, which is great timing. I stuck my hand out there and [the ball] stuck to it, so that's my first one-handed catch in my career."

The first one-handed catch of his career?

The catch, a leaping, one-handed stab at a football moving at rocket speed, seemed near impossible in real time. In fact, watching this video from Joe Glorioso, it might have been impossible after all.

For McLaurin, it wasn't impossible after all.


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New report shows Redskins interested in Eric Bieniemy for head coach

New report shows Redskins interested in Eric Bieniemy for head coach

With the Redskins at 3-10 and only three games left in the lost 2019 season, speculation about a new head coach will shift into overdrive for the remainder of the year. The newest name to watch: Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Beiniemy.

Pro Football Network's Ben Allbright reported, "Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder has been vetting applicants to try to find the ideal candidate that could maximize the talent they believe they have in quarterback Dwayne Haskins, and many in Washington believe Bieniemy can do just that."

In charge of the potent Chiefs offensive attack the last two seasons, Bieniemy has been a big part in the development of young KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In 2018, the Chiefs had the No. 1 scoring offense in the NFL. This season the offense slipped slightly to No. 4 in scoring, but Mahomes also missed time with injuries. 

It should also be noted that Bieniemy and Alex Smith both arrived in Kansas City in 2013, which was head coach Andy Reid's first season with the Chiefs. At that point, Bieniemy was running backs coach, but the trio found significant success working together, with playoff appearances in four out of five seasons from 2013 to 2017.

While Smith isn't playing this year, and might not play ever again, his influence seems to be growing at Redskins Park. He's often seen on the practice fields working with rookie QB Dwayne Haskins, and should Bieniemy get the job, his biggest task would be developing the 15th overall pick. Surely, Smith's familiarity with Bieniemy would come up should he become a viable candidate for the job, if it hasn't already. 

The Redskins fired former head coach Jay Gruden after an 0-5 start, and interim head coach Bill Callahan deserves some credit for steadying the ship in the time since Gruden's departure. Still, Callahan does not seem a viable candidate to keep the job in 2020. 

What happens with the front office will be a significant hurdle for the coaching search, as the future for team president Bruce Allen seems tenuous. Reports have shown Allen could be a detriment to new coaching hires.

Don't expect anything to happen suddenly with Bieniemy. The Chiefs sit at 9-4 and in firm control of the AFC West. Assistant coaches typically aren't able to interview for other jobs until their playoff march is over, and the Chiefs could be poised for a deep run. 

Make no mistake, however, that Bieniemy will be a hot candidate this coaching cycle.

Could Smith's relationship help the Redskins get their man? Certainly, but the team might need to make a decision on Allen first.