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Redskins' Williams says dramatic weight loss has helped keep him fresh


Redskins' Williams says dramatic weight loss has helped keep him fresh

Back in OTAs, Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams revealed that he had dropped a significant amount of weight in an effort to increase his quickness and decrease the wear-and-tear on his body.

Well, six months later, the three-time Pro Bowler says he’s kept the weight off and feels better than he ever has this late in a season.

“Losing the excess weight, it helps me in every facet of my life,” said Williams, who has not allowed a quarterback sack this season, according to “I’m able to recover quicker. My joints don’t ache as much. I’m in the 12th week of the season and [with the exception of] banging my knee on the ground [against the Panthers], I feel great.”

He added: “I feel like I move faster. Obviously my wind is a lot better with taking the weight off, so it’s helped me tremendously, man.”

Williams says he weighs 312-315 pounds right now, which is down 30-35 pounds from his heaviest point last season.

Football, though, wasn't the only reason Williams, 27, wanted to drop the weight and take better care of himself: His grandfather succumbed to diabetes, which puts him at a higher risk for the disease. 

“I get a lot of exercise obviously with me playing football, but the eating healthy part was a part that I didn’t tackle in my life until actually last year, when I realized that with my grandfather dying from diabetes, I might be predisposed to it, to have an opportunity to get in that same condition,” he said. 

Williams has joined up the American Diabetes Association for the second straight year to raise awareness about the disease.

He said he dropped the weight by cutting out late night trips to the fast food drive-thru and hiring a full time chef, who prepares his meals year-round. 

“Unfortunately, Whataburger isn’t in [Northern] Virginia,” the Texas native joked about his favorite southern burger joint.

At first Williams was concerned that he had lost too much weight and would struggle to anchor down against big pass rushers. But that hasn’t been the case.   

“I was concerned a lot, actually,” Williams said. “I haven’t weighed as little as 315 since maybe my sophomore year in college. So of course I was kind of worried about how stout I could be with losing that much weight. My strength was still there. But I’m not worried anymore."

Indeed, Williams is having another strong season, one that will likely end with him making a fourth straight trip to the Pro Bowl.

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Reuben Foster believed to be lost for 2019 with major knee, leg injury, per source

Reuben Foster believed to be lost for 2019 with major knee, leg injury, per source

Redskins officials fear that linebacker Reuben Foster has torn the ACL in his left knee, sources tell NBC Sports Washington.

Additionally, there is concern about a more significant injury that could include the artery in his left leg, sources said. 

Foster went down on his first snap in a non-contact drill during OTAs on Monday after stepping on the leg of guard Tyler Catalina. Immediately, Foster fell to the ground, and it was obvious he was in intense pain. He was audibly screaming and crying while writhing in pain on the field. 

Moments later, the Redskins medical staff rushed out to Foster, and within a matter of minutes, his leg was placed into a stabilizing device. He was then helped onto a cart and wheeled off the practice field. 

After practice, Jay Gruden said the team was unsure of Foster's prognosis but did say, "I’m just very disappointed in what happened in his first rep as a Redskin. He runs through the gap and gets injured."

The Redskins took a major public relations hit by signing Foster last fall, and the team's belief was that his play on the field would be worth the controversy that enveloped his signing. Foster won't be playing in 2019, but remains under contract for 2020, and Washington will have the option to keep him in 2021. 


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Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed by police at Vegas music festival

USA TODAY Sports Images

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed by police at Vegas music festival

LAS VEGAS -- Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed by police, but not arrested, after a scuffle involving event staff at a Las Vegas music festival.

Police Officer Laura Meltzer said Monday that the 23-year-old running back was detained briefly early Saturday during the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Cellphone video posted by celebrity website TMZ appeared to show Elliott speaking with a woman and then with several security and event staff members, including one who falls backward over a metal parking area barricade.

Elliott's attorney, Frank Salzano in New York, told TMZ that event security misconstrued the situation and overreacted and that Elliott left Las Vegas for Dallas after the incident to be at his youth football camp Sunday.

Salzano didn't immediately respond to messages from The Associated Press.