Redskins fans talk with reverence about RFK Stadium. The stands used to shake as the Burgundy and Gold clad patrons screamed for their winning teams. 

When the team moved to FedEx Field, the stands stopped shaking. The team didn't win as much either, certainly not on the level of the Super Bowl runs of the 1980s and early 1990s. Still, when the team has been good, the fans are loud. 

So it's a little surprising that the Redskins landed on the bottom of a study on the best home-field advantages in the NFL. Few would expect them to be at the top, like what might have been in the RFK days, but the bottom didn't seem right either. 

Looking at the past decade as a pool of data, the Redskins ranked 31st out of 32 teams in observed home-field advantage. The data comes from an ESPN study by Bill Barnwell, and reveals that in the last decade, Washington enjoyed a 0.7 point home-field advantage. Using the same data, the NFL average for home-field advantage is about 2.6 points. Las Vegas oddsmakers put home-field advantage at a value between 2.5 and 3 points-per-game.

The entire NFC East ranked poorly in the study. One of Barnwell's takeaways said simply, "The NFC East doesn't appear to offer much home-field advantage."

In the last decade, no NFC East team ranked in the Top 20 in the NFL of home-field advantage. The Giants ranked highest at 22, then the Eagles at 24 and the Cowboys at 26. The Seahawks took the top spot, and the Ravens took the second ranking. 


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