Talk of the Redskins trading Kirk Cousins has faded in the past several days. However, it’s still very early on the NFL year calendar—teams have only been able to execute trades for the last six days and the draft is six weeks from Thursday—so there is plenty of time for a deal to get done.  

Some around the NFL believe that a deal between the Redskins and 49ers is not only possible but that a trade for Cousins is likely. As evidence that a trade could be in the works, they point to the amount of work the Redskins did involving highly rated quarterbacks during the NFL Combine.

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Eric Galko, who writes for the Sporting News and runs a draft outfit called Optimum Scouting, has been following the Cousins talk and he wrote this in a SN post about quarterback chatter around the NFL.

I had been told to hold off on breaking the news that Kirk Cousins to the 49ers was all but done, but it seems like it’s become well known in the industry. While it’s not completely a done deal, the Redskins interviewed a handful of quarterbacks multiple times at the Combine. I’d expect that, as long as one or two intrigued them enough, they’d be OK with trading Cousins. If they get the second overall pick, I’m confident it’ll be Mitch Trubisky. If they wait until round two, I’m confident (at this point) it’ll be Nathan Peterman.


I think most fans are familiar with Trubisky, the North Carolina product who looks the part but only had one season as a starter for the Tar Heels before declaring for the NFL draft. Peterman played in a pro-style offense at Pitt and he possesses many of the same traits that Cousins has—accuracy, poise, and anticipation. Neither is an immediate starter so Colt McCoy would be at the helm while the draft pick develops.

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Certainly, some of the attention to quarterbacks is simple due diligence. And even if a trade does not take place the Redskins could take a quarterback early in the draft to prepare for the possibility that Cousins will depart as a free agent in 2018. If they aren’t getting a good feeling in their negotiations with Cousins but they believe it’s best to keep him for this year, they could grab a quarterback to groom for 2018.

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