ATLANTA—Redskins rookie quarterback Nate Sudfeld wasn’t very sharp in the beginning of his stint here at the Georgia Dome against the Falcons and he couldn’t manage to piece together a late drive that would have given the Redskins a meaningless but fun regular season win. But in between he was pretty good as the Redskins continue the process of finding out what they have in their sixth-round draft pick.

Sudfeld finished the game with 10 completions in 15 attempts for 89 yards and a touchdown. He got one touchdown drive started with a 28-yard pass that floated over the defense and into the arms of Logan Paulsen. He finished off the other one by rolling to his right and finding tight end Marcel Jensen open in the end zone for a touchdown. He kept the drive alive with a four-year completion to Rashad Ross on fourth and three.

“I thought Nate did a good job,” said head coach Jay Gruden. “He's a competitor.”

One thing that particularly impressed Gruden was that the rookie didn’t make any, well, rookie mistakes.

“He did a nice job, got his team in and out of the huddle,” said Gruden. “We had no formation issues, he didn't call any plays wrong. That's half the battle for a young quarterback coming out of college.”

Starter Kirk Cousins admired some of the things that Sudfeld did as he watched from the sideline.


“I thought he threw the ball really well,” said Cousins. “There were a couple of throws he made, one the hot route to Maurice Harris and the crossing route to Rashad Ross that are very difficult throws to make and he made them. It thought he threw the ball with conviction and with accuracy.”

Sudfeld is battling to be included on the 53-man roster. It was important for him to play well tonight because a third-string QB usually sees his playing time shrink in the second and third preseason games. In his position he had to make a good impression while he has a chance.