When people look back on Super Bowl 51, it'll be miracle worker/possible Jedi Tom Brady's performance that most remember, and rightfully so. But in doing so, they may overlook the numbers put up by little known Patriots running back James White, who scored three touchdowns and broke a title game record for receptions.

One person who won't forget what White did, though, is ex-Redskins wideout Santana Moss — because him and the New England hero are related to one another.

"We watched the whole lead-up to the game, every show that you watched on NFL Network or ESPN, it talked about who's gonna be the guy, who's gonna be the guy tomorrow that we talk about other than Tom Brady or whoever, or Matt Ryan?" Moss told the Sports Junkies on CSN Monday morning. "And, you know, [it turned out to be] James White — and just to say, James White is a cousin of mine."

Moss — who is also cousins with Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson — said his mom and White's mom are first cousins, which makes him and White second cousins. Perhaps more interesting than that is the fact that he admitted he was still rooting for the Falcons, despite the family ties he had with the Patriots.

Yet, in the end, he is of course thrilled for White's newfound status as a Super Bowl stud.

"It was just great, man," Moss said. "It was unbelievable. Just to see him have that moment... He was a difference maker."


Whether Moss will still be as happy for White the next time they're at a family event and White shows off his new piece of jewelry to the ring-less receiver remains to be seen.