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Sav Rocca punting despite torn meniscus


Sav Rocca punting despite torn meniscus

Sav Rocca has been punting the past two weeks with a torn meniscus in the knee on his kicking leg, Coach Mike Shanahan revealed Monday. 

Shanahan said he doesn’t know if the injury contributed to Rocca’s 12-yard punt in the second quarter of Sunday's loss that allowed the Steelers to begin a scoring drive on their own 45-yard line. But the coach admires the punter's toughness.

“Sav knows you can’t have a 12-yard net punt,” Shanahan said. “He has been very consistent. He’s the best punter I’ve been around since I’ve been in the National Football League.”

Which might explain why the team is allowing Rocca to punt through an injury he sustained earlier this month while jogging. The Redskins brought in three punters for tryouts prior to the Giants game but elected to stick with Rocca.

Shanahan added that doctors have told the veteran punter that he can’t make the injury to his right knee any worse. 

“He’s tough,” Shanahan said. “A lot of players wouldn’t even be trying to punt in the condition he’s in with the torn meniscus. He’s fighting thought it. He knows he can’t make it any worse than it is. I just hope that there is no setback the rest of the season and he keeps on punting at the level he’s been punting for us since he’s been here.”

Rocca’s other punts were 52, 41 and 46 yards, the last of which was returned for a touchdown by Antonio Brown. The score, however, was negated because of an illegal block on the Steelers.

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2018 NFL Power Rankings: Patriots prove they still got it, Rams remain top dog

USA Today

2018 NFL Power Rankings: Patriots prove they still got it, Rams remain top dog

In a thriller in Foxboro, the Patriots handed Kansas City its first loss of the season.

It wasn't pretty but the Rams slipped past the Broncos to remain the lone unbeaten in the NFL.

Remember when the Lions beat New England on Sunday Night Football and folks were ready to bury the Patriots? Yeah... how did that 'hot take' work out?


Will the real Redskins please stand up? A win over the Panthers moved the Skins up three spots. Give the Redskins this, they are consistently unpredictable.

The Ravens are on the rise and Marcus Mariota is happy the Titans won't have to play Baltimore again.

So the Cowboys have an offense now? Or does Jacksonville not have an elite defense anymore?

And the Bears let Brock Osweiler throw for 380 yards. Yes. You read that correct. 380 yards. 

How far will the Bears drop because of that dreadful defensive performance? 


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The Kerrigans are having a baby and, WOW, this is all so very exciting


The Kerrigans are having a baby and, WOW, this is all so very exciting

The Kerrigan family is about to make a big-time addition to its roster.

Ryan and his wife, Jessica, already have two very, VERY, very, very cute bulldogs in their household. 

But on Tuesday, the two announced in separate Instagram posts that Jessica is 18 weeks pregnant and that a third human Kerrigan will arrive in 2019.

"Can I eat dis sign aftur da picturr iz over?" George the bulldog said when reached for comment on the news.

"How did dey gett such a smawl jerzey for da baby alreddy?" Franklin the other bulldog added.

This is all very wonderful.

Come next March, the world is about to get a little precious-er.