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Scot McCloughan hints at one possible hold up in Kirk Cousins contract talks

Scot McCloughan hints at one possible hold up in Kirk Cousins contract talks

Scot McCloughan spoke at length for the first time since his departure from the Redskins, joining 106.7 the Fan's Grant and Danny show, and in the process perhaps shed some light on the ongoing contract talks between the organization and Kirk Cousins. 

The situation with Washington and Cousins is well known: The team has placed the franchise tag on their passer for a second straight season. Long-term contract talks seem largely stalled, as team and player have not come particularly close on a multi-year value.

McCloughan explained that the team and coaches all like Cousins, and there isn't a question of talent. The odd part in his comments came when the former 'Skins GM talked about Cousins' agent, Mike McCartney.

"[Cousins is] going to make a lot of money this year and he's earned it for what he's done the last two years. It's a big business," McCloughan said (click here for full audio). "The agent's got to be understandable that they're involved in it too. It's not just us and the player, the agent has to be able to understand, well ok, 'I can make this, if you don't tender him, I can make this for the next five years for him.' It just didn't work out."

Hearing McCloughan specifically invoke the agent carries some weight. Remember during the 2016 negotiations reports showed that communication between the team and Cousins' representatives had completely broken down in spots. Earlier this year, speaking during the NFL Combine, McCartney said he was working hard to maintain a positive dialogue with the Redskins.

To be clear, an agent's job is to maximize money for their clients. NFL management doesn't always appreciate that approach, but it doesn't mean an agent is doing anything wrong. 

It's also logical to infer that the Redskins organization does not agree with the premise that the franchise tag should set the annual salary value for a long-term Cousins deal. Cousins' representatives would obviously feel the opposite. Not to suggest one side is right or wrong, but the reported offers from the 'Skins to Cousins have not approached the full franchise tag dollar figure in average annual value. 

McCloughan did not waiver, however, on his assesment of Cousins as QB. 

"I hope they do get a long-term deal done because I'm telling you he's high character, he's a good football player, he's smart, he's a good teammate, he's got leadership qualities," McCloughan said. "I've been around Brett Favres, I've been around Russell Wilsons, I've been around Matt Hasselbecks. Those are the characteristics that stand out, becuase you know he's got talent. He's got arm talent and you know he can move around and make plays with his feet."

Of the lack of a multi-year contract, McCloughan didn't take the blame, but he didn't pass it off either.

"It's too bad it didn't happen but that was an organizational thing."

Previously, McCloughan has said that teams need to be wary of overpaying at quarterback, and he didn't back off that notion either.

"The market is so high," he said. "If you're overpaying the quarterback, you're going to lose an offensive lineman, you're going to lose a defensive lineman, you're going to lose a corner."

In the end, McCloughan seemed resigned to the same belief that many Redskins fans have of their quarterback.

"He's going to be successful, here or somewhere else."

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One crazy stat that connects Dwayne Haskins with Cam Newton, but also Mark Sanchez

One crazy stat that connects Dwayne Haskins with Cam Newton, but also Mark Sanchez

The Redskins selected Dwayne Haskins with the 15th overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. While his record at Ohio State was impressive, Haskins didn't log many starts. 

Washington head coach Jay Gruden talked about Haskins back in March during the league meetings, before the Burgundy and Gold drafted the quarterback, and said that because he played just one year in college he would need significant time to learn the NFL game. 

"You would like a guy to play more than a year to see how he’s developed over the years. Haskins has a unique skillset. He’s big, strong and can really throw it," Gruden said. Then, "Is he going to be ready for the first year?"

After OTAs and minicamp, it's obvious Haskins has all the talent needed to play quarterback in the NFL. He's made touch throws and he's rifled balls into tight windows. At the same time, he seemed confused in spots about play calls and struggled with the speed of the pass rush. 

All of that is normal for a player with just 14 starts. But it's that number, the one year of starting experience in college, that makes one statistic stand out about Haskins. 

That's some serious company, both good, bad and ugly. 

As a rookie in 2011, Cam Newton went 6-10 with 35 total TDs and 17 interceptions, not to mention a Rookie of the Year trophy. His running prowess made up for average numbers in the pass game. The more important comparison for Redskins fans is that Newton eventually developed into an NFL MVP and got the Panthers to the Super Bowl. 

For Mark Sanchez, the rookie numbers and the career comparison aren't as kind. Sanchez threw 12 TDs and 20 INTs in 15 games as a rookie, though he was at the helm as the Jets got to two straight AFC title games. Still, for his career, Sanchez threw more INTs than TDs and could not keep a starting job after his rookie contract. 

Trubisky is a different deal. He's only started 26 games since being the second overall pick in the 2017 draft with a record of 15-11. He's thrown 31 touchdowns against 19 interceptions, and run for another five scores. It's hard to describe Trubisky's game. At times he's terribly inaccurate, but in other spots, he looks like a future Pro Bowler. 

Newton is the sure thing, Sanchez is the poor outcome. Trubisky is still to be determined. 

For Haskins, it's not good company or bad company. With only 14 starts at Ohio State before the Redskins drafted Haskins, it's just the company he's in.


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Packers' Davante Adams has high praise for rookie Darnell Savage

Packers' Davante Adams has high praise for rookie Darnell Savage

Darnell Savage was the third NFL draft prospect profiled in our series ‘I Am the Prospect

Darnell Savage has been getting a lot of buzz since the Packers traded up to the 21st overall pick to select him in the 2019 NFL Draft, and his teammates are on board.

The Maryland star was one of the draft's biggest risers, and it was well warranted.

The Packers' Instagram account posted a video of Savage Wednesday, and his teammate Davante Adams chimed in.

“The boy gonna be special,” Adams wrote.

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BORN READY. #MondayMotivation #GoPackGo

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“He’s going to be that guy — I can tell," Adams said, via Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal. "We definitely got a steal." “I know we got him early, but I still think that he could have gone even earlier just based on what he’s doing out there. He plays like a vet, he knows how to practice, and he’s smart, man.

Savage will face the Redskins in Week 14 when the Burgundy and Gold head up to Lambeau Field on December 8 for the matchup against the Packers.