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Seven foods and items that you'll need to sample at Redskins games this season

Seven foods and items that you'll need to sample at Redskins games this season

Whether you'll be fed with quality football and lots of wins at FedExField this year is something that won't ultimately be determined for another few months. 

However, whether you'll be able to get your hands on some tasty stadium food while watching Redskins games in person in 2017 is something that has already been determined. And the answer is yes.

On Wednesday night, the team held their Taste of FedExField tour, in which they allowed visitors to sample menu items that'll be served when the NFL season begins. Here are some of the highlights from the event:

The Grub Tub

If you're like any other normal person in the world, then your first reaction to a new product or innovation is to say something like, "Aw, darn, why didn't I think of that?" while smiling like it's no big deal, but deep down, you actually start feeling really bitter.

Sound like you? Cool. Then prepare to be bitter again. Check out the Grub Tub, which is now an option for fans at FedExField this season:


So, instead of holding your food in one hand and your drink in the other, you can hold both things with one. You should now use that newly-free hand to point out those questionable people who wear bright orange Dan Marino jerseys to NFC East games in Washington, because they are the worst. 

Ultimate nachos

A chef on the tour said that the following bowl of nachos should be shared between three or four people. Therefore, like the Redskins will do with their running backs, it's recommended that you go with a nacho-eater-by-committee approach when handling it:

Japanese hot dog

Hungry supporters who, in the past, have been forced to decide between Japanese food and hot dogs will no longer have to make that decision (if anyone has in fact ever been forced to make that decision before, that is):

A new trend in pro football is the hybrid defender, a player who can play multiple positions in the same game. Perhaps this type of item is the new trend in pro football food?

Macaroni and cheese — with Cheetos

Like a QB sneak, this dish is exactly what its name says it is:

Pit beef sandwiches

Some concession stands have been renovated and turned into Skins Pit Beef stands. And at those Skins Pit Beef stands, they sell giant sandwiches filled with meat:

Giant sandwiches filled with meat are the best.

Crab sandwich

In case you get a hankering for something more sophisticated than a hot dog or popcorn, you can now go with a crab sandwich such as this one: 

The hope is that this acts as the inspiration to add more seafood in years to come. It's about time someone creates a bowl of Jamison Crowder chowder, after all.


Rockslide brownies

And, finally, fans would be wise to try out these luscious brownies, which would cap off a day of eating like a fourth-quarter score: 

They're a dessert worthy of a long-term deal.

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Redskins TE Vernon Davis helps send grieving family to Super Bowl LIII


Redskins TE Vernon Davis helps send grieving family to Super Bowl LIII

Vernon Davis is a charitable guy, and it's one of the reasons he's the Washington Redskins Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee. 

His latest gesture is an attempt to bring a little joy to a grieving family after they recently lost their 17-year-old son, who Davis had previously met. The Redskins veteran tight end met the Howey family and their son, Ryan, who was a huge Washington fan and was going through treatment for brain cancer, according to the team.

Sadly not long after Ryan and his family met Davis, he passed away.

"It broke my heart," Davis told TMZ in a video, adding that about a year ago, Ryan was "totally fine" and going to Redskins games. "It was unfortunate he had to deal with that."

And Davis wanted to do what he could for the Howey family and "bring some joy to their spirit," so he gave them two tickets to Super Bowl LIII, and, with the help of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, he was able to get them a third so Ryan's parents and sister could all attend the game together. Davis said is also paying for their flights to Atlanta and hotel as well.

He said after he heard Ryan passed away, he reached out via FaceTime to the Howey family, and, of course, they didn't know what to expect from such a call. And after he told them what he wanted to do, he told TMZ they were crying "tears of joy."

"It was just on my heart," Davis said in his interview with TMZ. "They were the first ones I could think of when it comes to just making them happy, just bringing some joy in their life after all they've had to deal with their son. I just put myself in that situation, you know? I'm just having some compassion here, and I would want the same thing."

The New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Feb. 3.


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Alex Smith spotted at Wizards game wearing big apparatus on injured right leg

Alex Smith spotted at Wizards game wearing big apparatus on injured right leg

Alex Smith was at the Wizards-Pistons game on Monday, having scored some good seats in the owner's suite. The Redskins quarterback was spotted at Capital One Arena wearing a large apparatus on his right leg as he continues his long recovery from his mid-November injury.

In previous updates about his recovery, Smith's legs were covered and he was in a wheelchair. 

In this glimpse of Smith, he appeared to no longer require a wheelchair, or one wasn't seen in the box. Instead, he was sitting in a seat and two crutches were behind him:

The Redskins and Smith's family had previously asked for privacy during his rehab. Major questions remain about whether he'll play in 2019 for the Redskins, or ever again in fact, but at the very least it's good to see him out in public.