On this week's episode of Shop Talk with Santana Moss and Travis Thomas, former Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs suggested that Kirk Cousins isn't a lock to play for the Redskins next season.

The subject came up when Springs was asked about head coach Jay Gruden's future.

"Jay Gruden and Kirk [Cousins] at this point are tied at the hip," Springs said. "So, depending on what happens with Kirk–– and y'all might think I'm crazy, but it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't in Washington next year."

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What would be that scenario though, Thomas asked. 

"I think the scenario is, Kirk wanting–– because his numbers have shown that he wants the big money. Maybe like a Brock Osweiler- type number, but you've seen what happened with Houston and a guy like that," Springs warned. 

"But some people will argue that. Do you give a guy big money if he hasn't won a Super Bowl or taken them to a Super Bowl?" 

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