The immediate drama of the Scot McCloughan termination is over. The NFL calendar is forcing organization to move on. How will the Redskins handle the remainder of free agency and the NFL draft?

If you go by the organizational sources who anonymously spoke to the media last night, perhaps they have been operating without a GM for a while now.

“Bruce [Allen] and Jay [Gruden] run the Redskins. Bruce and Jay’s record for the team the last two years is them,” a source told 106.7 The Fan.

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So perhaps that answers the question. Allen and Gruden, with assistance from scouts and others in the personnel department may have set up the free agency board and will set up the draft board. The team president and head coach could make the calls on free agents and calling the shots in the draft room.

All year we’ve been hearing that Gruden has more power and perhaps this is what that meant. And there has been constant chatter that Allen never fully gave up the peronnel control he supposedly ceded to McCloughan in 2015. It would be business as usual at Redskins Park.

However, perhaps the better move for the organization would be use this time to appoint someone internally as the interim GM. The cold fact is that they the next general manager is almost certainly going to come from within. It’s hard to see a legitimate, experienced GM or an up and comer in the business coming to Washington either now or after the draft in the wake of this debacle.


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There are two good possibilities for the interim GM role. One is Doug Williams, who is the team’s Senior Personnel Executive. Of course, he is best known for his on-field accomplishments with the Redskins, most notably as MVP of the team’s win in Super Bowl XXII. He has been in coaching, scouting and in NFL front offices since 1991. It is well known that Williams would like to be a general manager and this could be his chance to get some time on the job.

The less well known candidates would be Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos and Director of College Scouting Scott Campbell. Santos has worked his way up through the organization as a pro scout and personnel assistant. Campbell has been doing NFL personnel work for 30 years and he has been with the Redskins for 16 years.

If they do designate an internal GM, that individual likely would have more of an organizational role, coordination the process of gathering information from the scouts and passing along recommendations. While the interim GM would have a voice, it would still be Allen and Gruden calling the shots with the team president breaking ties.

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