In a wild postgame scene Thursday night, one of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant's many controversial claims was that he has dominated Josh Norman. Numbers from three career contests between the pair prove Bryant quite wrong.

Bryant saw some success on Thanksgiving against the Redskins - he caught five passes for 72 yards - but only three of those catches came with Norman in coverage. In fact, repeatedly it looked like the Cowboys schemed to intentionally get Bryant away from Norman. The strategy was smart and effective, often Bryant worked from the inside or slot of the Cowboys' formation, but it's tough for the Dallas wideout to brag about that.


It would be naive to dismiss the dustup between Norman and Bryant as a one-game thing. The duo have a history dating back to last Thanksgiving, when Norman suggested the Cowboys should 'get their money back' after signing Bryant to a $70 million contract in 2015. In that game, while Norman was still with the Panthers, Bryant had just two catches for 26 yards as Carolina steamrolled the Cowboys.


While Norman is certainly a lightning rod for controversy, assailing his play misses the mark. 

Only a playoff game could get the 'Skins and 'Boys back on the same field this season. Should that happen, expect the talk between Norman and Bryant to fly into the stratosphere. If not, it will not be until next season until the two can clash again. 

On the season, Bryant has 33 catches for 550 yards and five TDs in eight games. With rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott now the stars of the Cowboys run-first offense, Bryant's role has been somewhat reduced, though he remains the top wideout in Dallas. 

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