For Redskins fans who want to shop in a team store or online, a jersey will typically go for around $100. But for one player aiming to buy the rights to a uniform from another player, the price is apparently much, much, m-u-c-h steeper.

Newly signed Washington safety DJ Swearinger has long idolized Sean Taylor, wearing No. 36 — the same number Taylor donned in his first year in the league — for his entire football life. And just days after signing with the 'Skins, he is reportedly paying teammate Su'a Cravens $75,000 so he can continue to wear it next season.

Like Swearinger, Cravens has talked often about his admiration for Taylor, too. Now, after giving what must've been one hell of a sales pitch, he'll follow in Taylor's footsteps, as the former Pro Bowler also changed numbers before his second campaign in the NFL.

On Monday night, Cravens announced in a tweet that the next time he takes the field in the Burgundy and Gold, he will do so with the No. 30 on his back:

Not including things like taxes or processing fees, Swearinger could've bought the most expensive seat at The Weeknd's upcoming May concert at the Verizon Center (which is going for $614) 122 times over, or instead opted to go to McDonalds and put together 37,500 different McPick Twos.


In choosing to spend a chunk of his new contract to honor a franchise legend, however, while he missed out on more than a few french fries, he will certainly pick up plenty of new fans.