One of the causes for concern around Redskins Park during the last month or so is the timing between quarterback Kirk Cousins and free agent wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Even though they have had all the offseason program, training camp, and about a full game’s worth of snaps in the preseason contests to work things out, things don’t quite seem to be there. Cousins targeted Pryor seven times and they connected for completions just twice.

After the second preseason game against the Packers, both Cousins and Pryor both talked to the media about staying after practice to work on their timing in a particular pattern. In their final preseason appearance, however, they connected on just one of four targets and even that one didn’t seem to be quite on point as Pryor was knocked around by the defense as he was catching the ball.


Since that is the last time we saw Cousins and Pryor work together—the main part of practice has been closed to the media since that Packers game—things not being quite in sync is the last impression out there.

It seems that Pryor is getting a little weary of being asked about the subject. As a reporter started to ask about it in the locker room on Thursday, Pryor answered before the question was finished.


“Don’t worry about that we’ll see Sunday,” he said. The reply wasn’t terse at all, just stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Another reporter followed up, asking if he has been working with Cousins after practice. Again, the question wasn’t quite finished before the short response came out of Pryor’s mouth.

“We’re good, brother,” he said in the same, confident tone. “Really good.”

Is it possible that this “issue” is being overblown? Last year, Pryor played for the Browns. Five different quarterbacks threw at least 24 passes for them. Pryor still wound up with 77 receptions for 1,007 yards.


Cody Kessler, a rookie, threw more passes than any other Browns QB. He started the year third on the depth chart. Do you think that he and Pryor spent endless hours after practices honing their timing to perfection?

Despite the lack of work, when the Browns came to Washington in Week 4 last year, Kessler and Pryor worked well together, with five connections for 46 yards and a touchdown.

It would be a mistake to dismiss the importance of good timing between Cousins and Pryor. For the offense to operate at maximum efficiency the two have to be thinking with one brain during a pass play.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t make some plays in the meantime. They still can play some pitch and catch and move the sticks and maybe put a few touchdowns on the board while working towards fine tuning their games.

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