The Washington Post revealed that a miscommunication between Trent Williams, the NFLPA and the NFL left the Pro Bowl Redskins tackle 'stunned' by his four-game suspension.

Per The Post's report, Williams was misinformed of his status in the substance abuse procedure, and his camp believes the four-game suspension handed down last week was incorrectly levied, leaving the 'Skins veteran and some in the Washington front office upset with his union.

From The Post on Williams' dispute:

It's based on an objection to a procedural issue that Williams’s side and the Redskins argue left him unaware of where he stood in the escalation of penalties, without proper notice that he was one violation away from a suspension...

The infractions that led to his four-game suspension were positive marijuana tests and, in one instance, a missed test, according to sources familiar with the matter. But the escalation of penalties did not follow protocol, in the view of Williams’ camp​...

The timeline of events seems quite complicated, as Williams was flagged for missing a test though the tackle contends he was out of the country and told the league of his travels in advance. From there, some miscommunication regarding 'consolidating' Williams' punishment emerged, which put the alleged accelerated timeline for infractions into play.

Williams considered legal action, but was left with no recourse to stop the suspension, per the report. 


A Pro Bowl player the last four seasons, Williams was suspended four games for substance abuse in 2011. This year, Williams had started all eight games for Washington and is widely regarded as one of the best left tackles in the NFL. 

Currently, Williams is eligible to return to the Redskins active roster on December 5. In a statement released by the team on Nov. 1, the Redskins said any questions regarding the suspension should be directed to the NFL and the NFLPA.

From the Redskins: "Trent Williams was suspended by the NFL under the terms of the Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse for the next four games. We met with Trent today to discuss this unfortunate news. Per the terms of the Policy, Trent will be permitted to participate in team meetings and workout at the Redskins’ facilities throughout this time. The Redskins are counting on Trent to help our team when he returns from suspension." 

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