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The ultimate sin: Why Redskins fans should start rooting for the Cowboys

The ultimate sin: Why Redskins fans should start rooting for the Cowboys

It's going to feel sacrilegious, and it's going to feel dirty — so dirty, in fact, that you may get random urges to apply globs of hand sanitizer or shower multiple times a day. But it's also the right thing to do, even though it'll feel so wrong.

Yes, that's right: For the rest of the 2016 NFL regular season, Redskins fans should be pulling for the Cowboys. Hard.

That's because, over their next five games starting Thursday night against the Vikings, the Cowboys will be matched up against teams that will figure prominently in the NFC playoff picture — teams that could end up stealing the playoff spot the Redskins are fighting so hard for. 

After the contest in Minnesota (who is a half-game behind the 'Skins in the NFC standings), Dallas will face:

  • The Giants, who are right above Washington in the NFC East standings, and who currently occupy the first Wild Card position
  • The Buccaneers, who are nipping on the Burgundy and Gold's heels for the second Wild Card and also a half-game back
  • The Lions, who look primed for the NFC North crown with the Wild Card as a backup
  • And the Eagles, who are a distant threat, but aren't eliminated from contention, either  

The fact of the matter is that, at this point, it would take an utter collapse by "America's Team" to give up the top spot in the division. Therefore, the Redskins' only realistic chance at qualifying for the postseason again is via a Wild Card spot, which is why it makes total sense to root for their bitter rivals to win out and trip up the other franchises that are also interested in playing in January.

Sure, it'll be painful. More Cowboys success means more insufferable Ezekiel Elliot "feed me" celebrations and more TV time for Dez Bryant. Under normal circumstances, no one in the DMV would ever wish for those things to come to fruition.

Unfortunately, as the situation stands now, it's the smart thing to do. You know what they say, after all: Desperate times call for stupid, blasphemous and sinful measures. That's how that old phrase goes, right?


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Report: Trent Williams' dogs killed neighbor's dog

USA TODAY Sports Images

Report: Trent Williams' dogs killed neighbor's dog

Trent Williams is defending his dogs after neighbors of a home registered to him in Missouri City, Texas say the Redskins' lineman's dogs brutally killed their dog.

The neighbor's dog, Sandy, according to reports, died after being mauled and dragged under an iron fence on their own property. 

According to Williams, the attack began after Sandy instigated conflict with one of Williams' smaller pets. Williams felt his dogs did nothing wrong and said the animals were defending the smaller dog, who is fighting for its life after $5,000 in medical bills. 

Williams told FOX 26 Houston that the situation was "dogs doing what dogs do."

In comments to local television stations, Sandy's owner's described how they found their dog.

"I found my dog halfway ripped apart, head and one leg on the other side of the fence, two of those stakes ripped through the body and one leg just dangling," said Jerry Flowers.

"They drug her head through the fence," Linda Flowers said. "Half of her body was through the wrought iron fence."

Animal control and local police are no longer investigating the incident according to ABC 13. Williams was not cited for the incident.

Williams is on the non-football injury list for the Washington Redskins after ending his holdout halfway through the season. 


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Once the Redskins Ironman, Ryan Kerrigan moved to injured reserve

Once the Redskins Ironman, Ryan Kerrigan moved to injured reserve

The Redskins moved outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan to the injured reserve after he injured his calf last week against Green Bay. He will miss the remainder of the season. 

Kerrigan had started every game for Washington since 2011 until just three weeks ago, one of the most impressive streaks in the NFL at 139 straight starts. 

He missed the Panthers game due to a concussion, was able to come back from the Packers game and then hurt his calf. 

After three straight seasons with double-digit sacks, Kerrigan’s numbers were down this year. He will finish the season with just 5.5 sacks after posting 37 over the last few years. 

Dexter Manley holds the Redskins franchise record with 91 sacks. After bringing down Aaron Rodgers last week in Green Bay before his injury, Kerrigan got to 90 sacks. 

If he comes back healthy in 2020, Kerrigan would look prime to break the franchise record. He will be in the last year of his contract, however, and will account for nearly $12 million against the salary cap.

Should Washington release Kerrigan, which was once unthinkable, it would carry no salary cap hit. 

To replace Kerrigan on the active roster the Redskins signed Caleb Wilson from the Cardinals practice squad.