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When the Lions tried — and failed — to intimidate Sean Taylor


When the Lions tried — and failed — to intimidate Sean Taylor

Thanks to the whole "Odell Beckham vs. Josh Norman (ft. a baseball bat)" scandal that has unfolded during the past few days, everyone's been talking about all the trash talk and antics that take place on NFL fields across the country every Sunday. And while the discussion around the incident certainly hasn't reached DeflateGate levels yet, it does feel like all angles and viewpoints have been presented by now, and it's simply time to move on.

On Wednesday, however, an interesting story that involved Sean Taylor was passed along, and it's one that'll only help the adoration for Taylor amongst Redskins fans grow even more. In fact, it's a nugget that just might have made the endless stream of replays and opinions on Beckham's behavior and the Panthers' strange pregame traditions worth it, because it provides yet another glimpse into how unique of a person #21 was.

The tale's teller was Damien Woody, a former offensive lineman who played for the Patriots, Lions and Jets. But Woody's story comes from his stint with Detroit, and proves that not all attempts to intimidate other players are effective, especially when that other player is a 6-foot-3, 220 pound defender nicknamed, "Meast."

"We all knew Sean Taylor was kinda — you know, we felt like he was kinda crazy," Woody said on ESPN, courtesy of Jake Russell. "And we felt like we could really get into his head."

"So like, eight of us surrounded him," he continued. "And, I think, long story short, we soon found out this dude could probably beat all of us down. Like physically beat all of us down."

"But the point is," Woody concluded, "trash talk happens all the time."

Woody's claim that a single person could've taken out the eight Lions all on his own would've been far-fetched — if it was about almost anyone else other than Taylor. The safety, though, did things that seemed impossible every week on the gridiron, so it's a good thing Woody and his teammates didn't challenge him any further than they did. In all likelihood, it would've ended for them in a fashion similar to how collisions with Taylor across the middle of the field did: not well. 


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For better or worse, Sean McVay in the Super Bowl is bittersweet for Redskins fans


For better or worse, Sean McVay in the Super Bowl is bittersweet for Redskins fans

Sean McVay left the Redskins after the 2016 season to take over as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, McVay will lead the Rams to the Super Bowl.

For Redskins fans, no matter what the reality of trying to keep McVay in 2016, it must sting that the 32-year-old head coach is at the top of his profession.

Meanwhile, the Redskins haven't made the playoffs since the 2015 season.

There is a dose of reality that needs to be served up. 

Keeping McVay in Washington probably was never going to happen. Jay Gruden had already promoted McVay to offensive coordinator, but it was obvious McVay wanted to be a head coach. An NFL team cannot keep an assistant from interviewing for a head coach position.

On a personal level, Gruden and McVay first worked together in 2008 with the Bucs. The two worked together on the Florida Tuskers staff in 2009. Knowing that, how could Gruden do anything but support McVay getting his chance to be a head coach?

Still, it's tough for Redskins fans to see McVay heading to the Super Bowl. 

Many wonder what might have been if McVay got promoted to the top job in D.C.. It's a fun theory, but it's not reality. 


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That time Antonio Brown and Kyler Murray practiced together


That time Antonio Brown and Kyler Murray practiced together

Thanks to Antonio Brown, we have the hopes and dreams of a splashy off-season for the Washington Redskins in one tidy four-second video.

Brown, the NFL’s best receiver, is angling for a trade out of Pittsburgh.

Kyler Murray is the reigning Heisman Trophy quarterback and a projected 2019 first round pick.

During the NFC Championship game, the Steelers wide receiver tweeted out a clip of him hauling in a deep pass from the University of Oklahoma product. Yes, that’s going to draw some eyeballs, perhaps especially from fans of a team with quarterback uncertainty and lacking offensive playmakers.

Another OU standout, wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown”, joined his cousin Antonio and Murray for the workout. This isn’t the first time all three shared a field.

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Marquise Brown, a true speed threat, could become the first wide receiver selected in the 2019 draft.

There’s no way for the Redskins to land all three. Even two seems highly unlikely considering the two prospects are projected first-round selections and acquiring Brown would cost a No. 1 and plenty more. It’s still cool to dream. Considering the quarterback concerns with Alex Smith, Jamison Crowder entering free agency and the need for more pieces regardless, even landing one of them would work.