In the parking lot at Redskins Park, there are dozens of high end cars, including a few AMG Mercedes-Benzs, Porsches, BMWs, Bentleys, a Tesla, a GTR and… a gray 2000 GMC Savana.

Most NFL players wouldn’t admit to driving a 15-year-old conversion van to their practice facility. But Kirk Cousins doesn't just admit to it, he actually sounds sorta proud of his whip, which he bought from his grandma a couple of years ago.

“I gave her five grand for it and she was kind enough to call it a deal,” Cousins said with a laugh. “I’ve put a little more [money] into to it, to try and update it a little bit.”

Cousins drove an SUV last season, but when the lease on it expired, that left him with the Savana, which he had originally intended to be a second car. Life, however, has been a little busy lately (being named a starting quarterback two weeks before the season can do that) and he hasn’t really had enough time to get another car.

“I’ve been a little lazy and haven’t gotten another car to go from A to B to work,” Cousins said. “So the van has kinda had to fill that role for now. It’s a great car to take to-and-from FedExField because it’s about an hour and a half drive from all the way out here. So it’s great when you have family in town and that kind of thing, but I definitely could use another car just to get from A to B.”


Hint, hint, local dealerships.

In all seriousness, Cousins’ van is reminiscent of Alfred Morris’ old beater, which made national headlines a few years ago. If you recall, Morris occasionally drives a 1991 Mazda—he affectionately calls it his “Bentley”— to Redskins Park. These days, though, Morris' mode of transportation alternates between the Mazda and a bicycle, which he parks in his reserved spot right in front of the facility.

“I would say sometimes our swagger is having no swagger,” Cousins said, referring to the quarterback’s van and the running back’s road bike. “I guess we’re a little quirky, a little different. As long as we can be productive, I think it’ll work. Let’s win football games and then a conversion van will start to be cool."