Fans thinking that the Redskins might have a major shift in their draft philosophy after the abrupt firing of Scot McCloughan should think again.

McCloughan always talked about taking the best player on the board regardless of need. Bruce Allen says that the final say on who gets taken when the Redskins are on the clock will come down to the grade.

It’s a different way of saying the same thing. Needs take a back seat to best player, and that player is the one who has the best grade. It’s a distinction without a difference.

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With McCloughan gone, it appears that Allen, the team president, will break any ties that come up although he did not say that when he talked to CSN on Sunday.

“Ultimately, the final say will be yours?” asked CSN’s JP Finlay.

“It will be the grade,” said Allen.

Any disagreements will be settled long before the team goes into the draft room on April 27.

“We have all of those arguments and debates long before we set the board, so if two players end up having the same grade we’ll have the discussions long before the draft starts, who’s going to be edged up a little bit,” said Allen. “From the area scout to the position coach to the coordinator to Scott Campbell and we’ll have that decision made way before the draft.”


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Allen did not say who had the final word in those pre-draft “arguments and discussions”. While in an ideal situation everyone would fall into line and agree on what player best fits the Redskins, there must be someone to break a deadlock. An it’s a pretty good bet that that someone is Allen.

This doesn’t mean that the Redskins will end up taking the same player that McCloughan would have drafted. Even though a draft board has been set up at Redskins Park already, it will continue to be fine-tuned—meaning changed—over the next few weeks. Even though the scouting staff and other key staff members such as college scouting director Scott Campbell remain in place, the type of player the team is looking for will almost certainly shift.

While many are dreading the prospect of Allen having so much control it should be noted that the Redskins had a pretty good draft in 2014, the only other season when Allen had final say. They brought in three starters in OT Morgan Moses, C Spencer Long, and CB Bashaud Breeland plus OLB Trent Murphy, who had nine sacks in 2016.

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