Almost as if they had listened to and read all of the clips and articles discussing their future with the Redskins before kickoff, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon both played phenomenally in the team's 27-22 win in Philadelphia on Sunday.

What made their performances even more interesting is that both filled their roles on offense to perfection against the Eagles, with each wideout demonstrating what would be so attractive about bringing them back to Washington's roster in 2017. 

Jackson, as he's done so often before, totally changed the game's complexion by plucking a Kirk Cousins pass out of the sky and taking it into the end zone for an 80-yard touchdown. Garçon, meanwhile, reeled in a score of his own on a delayed fade route and also kept the eventual game-winning drive alive in the fourth quarter by catching a pass on a vital fourth down.

That's why the Sports Junkies felt the need to reopen the great debate Monday and try and find an answer as to which weapon the franchise should keep when both become unrestricted free agents in the offseason. Fortunately for them, they had the services of a knowledgeable guest to quiz on the subject: Santana Moss.  

"I've always kind of been a Pierre Garçon guy," host Eric Bickel said to Moss during a morning chat with the former star on 106.7 The Fan and CSN, before complimenting Garçon's consistency and toughness. He then asked Moss what he thinks will happen, and let one of the best pass catchers in Redskins history take over the microphone and give his take.


"I like both of 'em," Moss said. "I've played with both of 'em, I've seen what both of 'em bring to the table."


"It's hard to look at him and not appreciate what he brings to the table," he continued, talking about Garçon. "For the games we don't have DJax making those big plays and the games that he missed, at the end of the day, you look at Pierre's stats, he quietly goes out there and leads the team. And you can't overlook that — that at the end of the day he's gonna be the guy that's going to be clutch.

"He's gonna always be that guy that you can run that fourth-and-one or fourth-and-three, you can run that stop hitch, and he comes up big for you."

Moss, who stated he that feels a connection with No. 88 because he thinks Garçon, like he once did, tends to be "underappreciated," focused on Jackson next, and identified the reason why he ultimately thinks the Redskins will move on from the speedster.

"It's hard to say who you keep," he said. "[With] DeSean Jackson, speed kills. People gonna want that, so they're gonna pay big dollar for that. If the Redskins would be willing to pay that kind of money to him to keep him, knowing they have to pay Kirk Cousins, knowing they have to get guys on defense, it's hard for me to believe that.

"I say you bring a guy like Pierre back because you might not have to pay as much, and then you have a guy like [Josh] Doctson, who I think is gonna be a pretty good player," he concluded. "That's why it's hard for me to believe that DeSean Jackson will come back, because of the money part of it."

The fact that both guys are producing at such a high level is doing wonders for the team's offense — and must also be forcing the front office to wonder what they're going to do when decision time rolls around. Until that day, however, it's probably best for everyone to simply enjoy how well the unit works with both pieces at its disposal, and be grateful they're both in Burgundy and Gold.

After all, that may only be the case for a few more weeks.