Is DeAngelo Hall at the end of the line?

The Redskins cornerback turned safety suffered a torn ACL against the Giants on Sunday. That will end his 2016 season.

This is the second time in three seasons that Hall has suffered a season-ending injury in Week 3.

In 2014 he suffered a torn Achilles in Philadelphia. In between, in 2015, he had a toe injury that sidelined him for five games.


Hall was once the model of durability. From when he joined the Redskins in 2008 with seven games left in the season he played in 100 of a possible 103 games through the 2013 season. Since the start of 2014, counting to the end of the current season, he will play in 17 of a possible 48 games.

Will the Redskins bring Hall back in 2017?

It might be difficult for them to do so. One factor is money. Hall will be in the last year of his contract, a deal that will pay him a salary of $4.25 million. That’s what they are paying him this year and their return on investment is rather low. It would be hard to justify that cost for a player who has appeared in so few games since he signed the $17 million deal in 2014.

The Redskins and Hall could agree to a deal with a decreased salary, perhaps one with incentives that would let him make some or all of the money back if he stayed healthy and performed well. But you still have to wonder if he will stay on the field. He turns 33 in November and players rarely get healthier as they get past that age. The organization may want to avoid spending the whole offseason planning to have Hall fill a role only to see him go out with what at that point would be a predictable injury.


The organization should proceed carefully and respectfully as they decide Hall’s fate for 2017.

They don’t have to do anything until after the season ends. But it will not be surprising if the decision is to move on from Hall.