DeSean Jackson finds himself a quite desirable commodity on the free agent market, and plenty of teams are interested. Reports show that NFC East teams like the Eagles and Cowboys are interested in Jackson, though the front-runner for his services remains Tampa.

Another team in on the speed sweepstakes: The New England Patriots. 

Teamed up with Tom Brady, it's hard to imagine how valuable a weapon Jackson could be. A 1,000 yard receiver two of the last three seasons in Washington, the Patriots run a precision offense that features a lot of underneath action. With defenses forced to cover a host of slot receivers, and Brady capable of hitting them, Jackson would create a ton of problems for opposing defenses with his vertical speed.

One problem, however, as Jackson could be in line for $11 million per year in the free agent market. New England won't pay that much. 

Garafolo went on to say that Jackson would have to take around 50 percent less to play with the Patriots than he would make on the open market. That's a very significant pay cut. 

Would Jackson take that much off his value? It's hard to know. 

The Patriots seemingly compete for Super Bowl titles every year, but Brady will be 40 when the 2017 season starts. Other teams reportedly interested in Jackson also can compete in the playoffs, especially the Cowboys.

And don't forget the money. Few people in any profession would take 50 percent less than the market dictates their worth. Jackson is a unique talent, and in an era of NFL free agency where the money is piling up and the salary cap is increasing, expect teams to compete for his services. 



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