Here are 10 plays or moments from the Washington Wizards' 127-115 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday night that are worth revisiting...

1. John Wall was simply amazing on Saturday night and led the Wizards to victory with 37 points and 11 assists, the fourth time in his career he's hit the 35-10 mark. It all started in the first quarter when Wall set a career-high for one quarter with 18 points on 8-of-8 shooting.

On this play, he hit a three after stealing the ball from LeBron James. It was an impressive display of Wall's versatility as a point guard:

2. It was a frustrating night for LeBron overall. Not only did he lose, but he had to play through a scratched cornea. At first he wore protective goggles, but then threw them off in frustration:

3. Back to Wall. Here's one of his assists, a beautiful pass to Kelly Oubre, Jr., who finished with 16 points:

4. More Wall. On this play he made a tough layup with a very athletic adjustment mid-air:

5. The Wizards got to halftime with a 10 point lead and right before the break Jason Smith made this buzzer-beater tip-in:

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6. Wall would match up with LeBron again in the second half and again he got the best of him. On this play he forced a miss, then finished on the other end:


7. Did we mention LeBron had a tough night? Watch him get kicked in the groin by Smith. Ouch, that's not good:

8. Here's another assist from Wall, this one to Otto Porter who flushed it home for an and-1 slam:

9. This is noteworthy mainly because of Steve Buckhantz' 'dagger' call. It's always great when we get one of these:

10. And finally, here is a lasting image from the night, an absolutely dejected Cavs bench in the closing moments of the loss:

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