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2017 NBA Draft Early Entry List: Who is going and who is staying?

2017 NBA Draft Early Entry List: Who is going and who is staying?

The 2017 NBA Draft takes place on Thursday, June 22, which means the top college basketball players have to make a big decision whether or not they want to return to school or head to the NBA Draft.

All players who are not automatically eligible for the NBA Draft must declare their eligibility by contacting the NBA in writing to state their intentions no later than 60 days before the draft, which falls on April 23, 2017. 

Players may "test the waters" by declaring for the draft but not signing with an agent, meaning they can pull out of the draft process if they do not get the feedback they want before April 23.

Here is the 2017 NBA Draft Early Entry List.



— Bam Adebayo: 6-10, PF, Fy. (Kentucky), Late 1st

— Jarrett Allen: 6-11, PF, Fy. (Texas), Lottery to mid-1st

— Ike Anigbogu: 6-10, PF, Fy. (UCLA), Late 2nd

— O.G. Anunoby: 6-8, SF, Soph. (Indiana) Mid 1st

— Dwayne Bacon: 6-7, SF, Soph. (Florida State), 2nd 

— Lonzo Ball: 6-6, PG, Fy. (UCLA), Top 3

— Jordan Bell: 6-9, PF, Jr. (Oregon), Early-to-mid 2nd

— Antonio Blakeney: 6-4, SG, Soph. (LSU)

— Isaiah Briscoe: 6-3, PG, Soph. (Kentucky), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Dillon Brooks: 6-7, SF, Jr. (Oregon), 2nd

— John Collins: 6-10, PF, Soph. (Wake Forest), Mid-to-late 1st

— Zach Collins: 7-0, C, Fy. (Gonzaga), Mid-to-late 1st

— Tyler Dorsey: 6-4, PG/SG, Soph. (Oregon), Mid 1st

— P.J. Dozier, 6-6, PG, Soph. (South Carolina), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Jawun Evans: 6-1, PG, Soph. (Oklahoma State), Late 1st or early 2nd 

— De'Aaron Fox: 6-4, PG, Fy. (Kentucky), Lottery

— Markelle Fultz: 6-4, PG Fy. (Washington), Top 3

— Harry Giles, 6-11, PF, Fy. (Duke), Mid-to-late 1st

— Isaac Humphries: 6-11, PF, Soph. (Kentucky), Undrafted

— Jonathan Isaac: 6-10, PF, Fy. (Florida State), Lottery 

— Josh Jackson: 6-8, SG/SF, Fy. (Kansas), Top 3

— Justin Jackson: 6-8, SF, Jr. (North Carolina), Lottery

— Jaylen Johnson: 6-7, SF/PF, Jr. (Louisville), Undrafted

— Luke Kennard: 6-6, SG, Soph. (Duke), Mid-to-late 1st

— T.J. Leaf: 6-10, PF, Fy. (UCLA), Mid-to-late 1st

— Tyler Lydon: 6-9, SF, Soph. (Syracuse), Late 1st

— Lauri Markkanen: 7-0, PF, Fy. (Arizona), Lottery

— Malik Monk: 6-3, SG, Fy. (Kentucky), Lottery

— Austin Nichols: 6-8, SF, Jr. (Virginia), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Cameron Oliver: 6-8, SF/PF, Soph. (Nevada), Early-to-mid 2nd

— Justin Patton: 7-0, C, Fy. (Creighton), Late lottery to mid-1st

— L.J. Peak: 6-5, SG, Jr. (Georgetown), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Ivan Rabb: 6-8, PF, Soph. (California), Late 1st

— Xavier Rathan-Mayes: 6-4, PG, Jr. (Florida State), Undrafted

— Devin Robinson: 6-8 SF, Jr. (Florida), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Kobi Simmons: 6-5, PG, Fy. (Arizona), Early-to-mid 2nd

— Dennis Smith Jr.: 6-2, PG, Fy. (North Carolina State), Top 5

— Edmond Sumner: 6-6, PG, RS-Soph. (Xavier), Undrafted

— Jayson Tatum: 6-8, SF, Fy. (Duke), Top 5 

— Trevor Thompson: 7-0, C, Jr. (Ohio State), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Melo Trimble: 6-3, PG, Jr. (Maryland), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Antoine Warren: 6-10, C, Soph. (Antelope Valley JuCo), Undrafted

— Nigel Williams-Goss: 6-3, PG, Jr. (Gonzaga), Mid-to-late 2nd



— Shaqquan Aaron: 6-7, PG/SG, Soph. (Southern Cal), Undrafted

— Jaylen Adams: 6-2, PG, Jr. (St. Bonaventure's), Undrafted

— Deng Adel: 6-7, SF, Soph. (Louisville), Undrafted

— Rawle Alkins: 6-5, PG, Fy. (Arizona), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Mark Alstork: 6-5, SG, Jr. (Wright State), Undrafted

— Jaylen Barford: 6-3, SG, Jr. (Arkansas), Undrafted

— Trae Bell-Haynes: 6-2, PG, Jr. (Vermont), Undrafted

— Joel Berry II: 6-0, PG, Jr. (North Carolina), Undrafted

— James Blackmon Jr.: 6-3, SG, Jr. (Indiana), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Trevon Bluiett: 6-6, SG, Jr. (Xavier), Late 2nd

— Bennie Boatwright: 6-10, SF/PF, Soph. (Southern Cal), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Jacobi Boykins: 6-6, SF, Jr. (Louisiana Tech), Undrafted

— Tony Bradley: 6-10, C, Fy. (North Carolina), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Thomas Bryant: 6-10, PF, Soph. (Indiana), Mid 2nd

— Rodney Bullock: 6-8,  SF, Jr. (Providence), Undrafted

— Khadeen Carrington: 6-4, SG, Jr. (Seton Hall), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Jevon Carter: 6-2, PG, Jr. (West Virginia), Undrafted

— Jeffrey Carroll: 6-6, SG, Jr. (Oklahoma State), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Joseph Chartouny: 6-2, SG, Soph. (Fordham), Undrafted

— Chance Comanche, 6-11, PF, Soph. (Arizona), Undrafted

— Angel Delgado: 6-10, PF, Jr. (Seton Hall), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Hamidou Diallo: 6-6, SG, Fy. (Kentucky), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Vince Edwards: 6-8, SF, Jr. (Purdue), Late 2nd to undrafted

— John Egbunu: 6-11, C, Jr. (Florida), Late 2nd to undrafted

— John Elmore: 6-3, PG, Jr. (Marshall), Undrafted

— Obi Enechionyia: 6/10, PF, Jr. (Temple), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Drew Eubanks: 6-10, PF, Soph. (Oregon State), Late 2nd

— Tacko Fall: 7-6, C, Jr. (Central Florida), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Donte Grantham: 6-8, PF, Jr. (Clemson), Undrafted

— Isaac Haas: 7-2, C, Jr. (Purdue), Late 2nd

— Aaron Holiday: 6-1, PG, Soph. (UCLA), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Chandler Hutchison: 6-7, PG/SG, Jr. (Boise State), Undrafted

— Frank Jackson: 6-3, PG, Fy. (Duke), Late 2nd

— Justin Jackson: 6-7, SF, Fy. (Maryland), Early-to-mid 2nd

— Alize Johnson: 6-9, PF, Jr. (Missouri State), Undrafted

— B.J. Johnson: 6-7, SF, Jr. (La Salle), Undrafted

— Robert Johnson: 6-3, PG/SG, Soph. (Indiana), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Andrew Jones: 6-4, PG, Fy. (Texas), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Kerem Kanter: 6-10, PF, Jr. (Green Bay), Undrafted

— Ted Kapita: 6-8, PF, Fy. (North Carolina State), Undrafted

— Marcus Keene: 5-9, PG, Jr. (Central Michigan), Late 2nd to undrafted

— George King: 6-6, SG, Jr. (Colorado), Undrafted

— Kyle Kuzma: 6-9, PF, Jr. (Utah), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Khadeem Lattin: 6-9, PF, Jr. (Oklahoma), Undrafted

— William Lee, 6-8, PF,  Jr. (UAB), Undrafted

— Daryl Macon: 6-3, SG, Jr. (Arkansas) Undrafted

— Marin Maric: 6-11, PF/C, Jr. (Northern Illinois), Undrafted

— Yante Matten: 6-8, PF, Jr. (Georgia), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Markis McDuffie: 6-8, SF/PF, Soph. (Wichita State), Undrafted

— MiKyle McIntosh: 6-7, SF, RS-Sr. (Ilinois State), Undrafted

— Eric Mika: 6-10, PF, Soph. (BYU), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Donovan Mitchell: 6-3, SG, Soph. (Louisville), Late 1st

— Shaq Morris: 6-8, PF, Jr. (Wichita State) Undrafted

— Johnathan Motley: 6-10, PF, Jr. (Baylor), Early 2nd

— Svi Mykhailiuk: 6-8, SG/SF, Jr. (Kansas), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Semi Ojeleye: 6-7, PF, Jr. (SMU), Late 1st to early 2nd

— Maverick Rowan: 6-7, SF, Soph. (North Carolina State), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Corey Sanders: 6-2, PG, Soph. (Rutgers), Undrafted

— Victor Sanders: 6-5, SG, Jr. (Idaho), Undrafted

— Jaaron Simmons: 6-1, PG, Jr. (Ohio), Undrafted

— Jaren Sina: 6-2, SG, Jr. (George Washington) Undrafted

— Zach Smith: 6-8, SF/PF, Jr. (Texas Tech), Undrafted

— Caleb Swanigan: 6-9, PF, Soph. (Purdue), Mid-to-late 1st

— James Thompson: 6-10, PF/C, Soph. (Eastern Michigan), Undrafted

— Stephen Thompson Jr.: 6-4, SG, Soph. (Oregon State), Undrafted

— Trevor Thompson: 7-0, C, Jr. (Ohio State), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Craig Victor: 6-9, PF, Jr. (LSU), Undrafted

— Mortiz Wagner: 6-11, PF, Soph. (Michigan), Mid-to-late 2nd

— Tevonn Walker: 6-2, PG/SG, Jr. (Valparaiso), Undrafted

— Thomas Welsh: 7-0, C, Jr. (UCLA), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Thomas Wilder: 6-3, PG, Jr. (Western Michigan), undrafted

— Johnathan Williams: 6-9, PF, Jr. (Gonzaga) Late 2nd to undrafted

— D.J. Wilson: 6-10, SF/PF, Soph. (Michigan), Late 2nd to undrafted

— Omer Yurtseven: 7-0, C, Fy. (North Carolina State), Early 2nd



— Grayson Allen: 6-5, SG, Jr. (Duke)

— Jalen Adams: 6-2, SG, Soph. (UConn)

— Tyus Battle: 6-6, PG/SG, Fy. (Syracuse)

— Mikal Bridges: 6-7, SF, Soph. (Villanova)

— Miles Bridges: 6-7, G/F, Fy. (Michigan State)

— Marques Bolden: 6-11, C, Fy. (Duke)

— Bruce Brown: 6-5, SG, Fy. (Miami)

— Marcus Foster: 6-3, SG, Jr. (Creighton)

— Devonte' Graham: 6-2, SG, Jr. (Kansas)

— Ethan Happ: 6-20, PF, Soph. (Wisconsin)

— E.C. Matthews: 6-45, SG, Jr. (Rhode Island)

— Elijah Stewart: 6-5, SG, Jr. (Southern Cal), Undrafted

— Allonzo Trier: 6-5, SG, Soph. (Arizona)

— Robert Williams: 6-9, PF, Fy. (Texas A&M)


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Wizards' second pre-draft workout to feature possible first-round pick, NCAA star

USA Today Sports Images

Wizards' second pre-draft workout to feature possible first-round pick, NCAA star

The Wizards will have some recognizable names at their second pre-draft workout on Wednesday including potential first round pick Aaron Holiday of UCLA, NBC Sports Washington has learned.

Here is the list with some notes on each player...

Aaron Holiday, guard, UCLA (6-1, 185)

The brother of two NBA players (Jrue and Justin), Holiday played three years at UCLA and averaged 20.3 points, 5.8 assists and 1.3 steals as a junior. He also shot 42.9 percent from three on 6.2 attempts per game. He registered a 6-8 wingspan at the NBA Combine.

Potential fit with Wizards: possible first round pick, likely won't be there in second round; would solidify backup point guard position

Devonte' Graham, guard, Kansas (6-2, 175)

The Big 12 player of the year, Graham averaged 17.3 points and 7.2 assists as a senior. He posted a 6-6 wingspan at the combine. His uncle played for the Cincinnati Reds in the 1990s.

Potential fit with Wizards: second round pick; would provide backup point guard depth

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, forward, Kansas (6-8, 195)

A big-time three-point shooter, Mykhailiuk shot 44.4 percent from three on 6.6 attempts per game as a senior. He averaged 14.6 points and 3.9 rebounds.

Potential fit with Wizards: second round pick; could be a three-point threat off the bench

Moritz Wagner, center, Michigan (6-11, 241)

Originally from Germany, Wagner was a standout in the NCAA Tournament as the Wolverines went all the way to the final. He averaged 14.6 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.0 steals as a junior. He also shot 39.4 percent from three and measured at nearly 7-feet in shoes at the NBA Combine.

Potential fit with Wizards: second round pick; could develop into a capable stretch-five

Johnathan Williams, forward, Gonzaga (6-9, 225)

Williams began his career at Missouri before transferring. He averaged 13.4 points and 8.5 rebounds as a senior. 

Potential fit with Wizards: undrafted free agent; possible G-League forward

Zach Thomas, SF, Bucknell (6-7, 228)

Thomas was the Patriot League player of the year with averages of 20.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game as a senior. He shot 40 percent from three for his college career.

Potential fit with Wizards: undrafted free agent; possible G-League forward

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2018 NBA Mock Draft: What's changed after the combine


2018 NBA Mock Draft: What's changed after the combine

Something that used to be a rare occurrence has now happened four years in a row.

The Phoenix Suns had the best odds of winning the NBA lottery, and they did, landing the number one pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. 

Over the last four years, the team with the NBA's worst record has landed that top spot each year. Before this stretch though, dating back to 1985, only four teams that had the worst record still won the lottery.

Nine teams have also jumped at least five spots to get to No. 1 during that period as well.

Now the order is set (until any trades of course) and teams have had a chance to check out many of the top players at the combine.


This draft is loaded with big man prospects too, from DeAndre Ayton, Jaren Jackson Jr., Marvin Bagley, and Mohamed Bamba, along with countless others likely going in the top-14. 

There's also the very intriguing Luka Doncic, who most still believe won't go back to Real Madrid, even with him leaving the door open. 

A few names jumped into the first round since the last mock draft, which is something we always see after the combine. 

As for the Wizards, we know they need an athletic big man, and sitting at pick No. 15, they may just get one, although he brings a lot of mystery.