We usually give you the five must-see plays or moments from each Wizards game. But here are 10 from the Washington Wizards' 123-108 win over the Boston Celtics at the Verizon Center on Tuesday night that are worth revisiting...

1. With all that led up to this game and all that happened during it, there is absolutely no way Round 3 of Wizards vs. Celtics can be summarized in just five must-see moments. This game had enough action to equal three or four games and, boy, was it fun.

First, we have to revisit the arrival videos of the Wizards showing up in all black. It was Bradley Beal's idea for the team to send a message to the Celtics by all of them wearing black. They followed suit, you could say.

Here are John Wall and Markieff Morris:

And here is the showstopper, Otto Porter, with his shades on. The Wizards locker room went nuts when he turned the corner:

2. Now, for the game itself. The Wizards didn't waste any time at all backing up their all-black stunt. They led the Celtics 33-24 at the end of the first quarter, capped by this Wall buzzer-beater:


3. Wall also beat the clock at the end of the first half with another tough play:

4. The game really heated up in the second half. On this play Wall turned on the jets and finished with a fastbreak dunk:

5. This one had the crowd going crazy. Wall did a spin and then pulled off a difficult layup to beat Jae Crowder:

6. Much was made about the animosity between both teams, especially after the two sides got into a postgame altercation in their last meeting on Jan. 11 in Boston. But the game never really got out of hand. This was the most physical play and it resulted in a technical for Morris:

7. This may have been Wall's best play of the game. He made an and-1, then kissed his bicep when sitting on the ground. His celebration had Twitter going nuts:

8. Beal was like a man possessed down the stretch of the Wizards' win. On this play he threw down one of the more emphatic dunks of his career and the Wizards' bench absolutely loved it:

9. Kelly Oubre, Jr. had a fantastic game on defense, particularly in the fourth quarter when he helped limit Isaiah Thomas to just four points. But he did hit a few big shots, including this three in the fourth assisted by Wall:

10. Now, for the play of the game. Beal met Marcus Smart again at the basket and this time finished with an and-1. After he made it, he had some words for Smart:

Notice how happy Wall is after that play:

What a night at the Verizon Center.

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