Despite being a backup point guard averaging just 14.7 minutes per game, Brandon Jennings sure has made his presence felt during the 2017 playoffs.

On Thursday night, he was ejected from the Wizards' Game 3 win over the Celtics after a confrontation with guard Terry Rozier that spanned several plays. Each picked up fouls and two technicals and were tossed.

Jennings addressed the incident after the Wizards' practice on Friday. Jennings, who famously said "any drama, I'm with it" after pushing JaVale McGee of the Warriors during the regular season, embraced all that went down in a raucous Game 3.

"He's a young boy, so I had to do some vet moves and try to get into him mentally. It actually worked," Jennings said of Rozier. "As long as I can get the edge. If I can get you to not think about playing basketball and you want to do other things, I feel like I won. That's what I did."

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Jennings and Rozier have history. Earlier this season Jennings was pushed down by Rozier after the two were trash-talking. Earlier in this playoff series, Jennings tried to step on Rozier's shoe when it fell off during a play.

The Wizards and Celtics also have a history and all of it boiled over in Game 3. First, Ian Mahinmi and Jonas Jerebko got techincals. Then, Kelly Oubre, Jr. was ejected for pushing down Kelly Olynyk in the second quarter.


Jennings loved it.

"I'm definitely having fun and enjoying every moment of it," he said. "Kelly's my young boy, so it's kind of like: when Kelly gets kicked out, I'm probably next. Probably the organization is like 'listen man, we've got these two crazy dudes coming off the bench and we don't know which one is gonna get kicked out tonight.' I just like to bring physical play. I like to get into guys mentally."

It worked for one game and now the Wizards trail the Celtics 2-1 in their second round series. 

"We have to come back for Game 4 on Sunday. It's probably gonna be crazy," Jennings said.

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