Ever since Kelly Oubre, Jr. threw Kelly Olynyk to the ground in the second quarter of Game 3 on Thursday night to earn an ejection, many on social media have debated whether the latter did a bit of an acting job on his fall.

Olynyk is 7-feet tall and somewhere around 250 pounds, yet he went flying. That said, he wasn't looking in Oubre's direction until the last second and seemed completely blindsided by the hit.

Wizards guard Brandon Jennings weighed in on Friday and shared his opinion with certainty.

"I think a lot of it was flop, though. He really did flop it," Jennings said.

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Let's roll the tape:


There's three angles. It seems important that Olynyk wasn't looking. For him to decide in a split second after turning his head to flop seems unrealistic. But, clearly the opinions on this vary.

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