Dwyane Wade is one of the best players of his generation and a sure-fire Hall of Famer once he is eligible. But his Bulls are currently a mess and a recent team meeting featured some younger players on the team saying they would like Wade to practice more often.

Read this from CSN Chicago's Vincent Goodwill:

Bulls VP John Paxson spoke, as well as Hoiberg addressing concerns about his own coaching style, along with some of the young players who were criticized by Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler calling for more from Wade on the practice floor.

Wade, who at 35 years old is open about keeping his body fresh and doesn’t practice all the time, practiced Saturday in response to the young players. It should be noted that was one of Rajon Rondo’s points of contention on his Instagram post Thursday afternoon.

“That’s one of the things in the meeting,” Gibson said. “Young guys just want a little bit more from him. He brung it today. He pushed the young guys. And that’s a sign that that meeting did a little something. It’s all about positive.”

It sounds like Wade was receptive to the message, and it's hard to blame him if all he is trying to do is stay healthy. But can you imagine being a young player and telling a legend like Wade that he needs to practice more? That easily could have not gone over well. Good for Wade for not taking offense.


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