Wizards guard Bradley Beal remarked before the NBA made official who would take the final spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star team that there would be some "upset people" if he were selected. The reason was because he had a vacation planned and if he were picked to take Kevin Love's spot and go to New Orleans, he would have to cancel.

Beal didn't end up having to worry about that after Carmelo Anthony was given the final spot. But it turns out Anthony was in a similar situation and he himself wasn't entirely thrilled to get the honor.

Here is what Anthony told NBC's Pro Basketball Talk:

“It was a downer,” Anthony said. “I had to cancel my trip. No refunds.”

The Knicks star said he planned to vacation in Cuba and Puerto Rico over the break. Instead, he had to make travel arrangements to New Orleans as other non-All-Star players not selected made him “jealous” with pictures from their vacation pictures.

Anthony went on to say it was a good thing he was picked for his 10th All-Star game. He didn't want to seem ungrateful. But perhaps there inlies a positive for Beal, who is currently relaxing on vacation while Anthony is dreaming of the beach.

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