Carmelo on LeBron's Charles Barkley rant: 'He just got tired of hearing it'


Knicks star Carmelo Anthony stood up for his friend LeBron James on Tuesday when asked about the latter's rant on Charles Barkley. Barkley called out LeBron for being "whiny," so LeBron let him have it with a detailed takedown on Monday night to ESPN that included many of Barkley's biggest off-the-court mistakes from when he was a player.

LeBron mentioned Barkley's gambling and drinking problems, his altercations with fans and much more. You can read that rant here. 

For Carmelo, he sees LeBron as a guy who just simply had had enough:

"At the end of the day, I think he's human, like we all are human. Even though we are considered these kind of super heroes and super athletes, nothing is supposed to affect us and we're supposed to just go through life just taking it on the chin. It affects us in certain ways. I think in his situation maybe he just got tired of hearing it from that particular person."

That's not nearly as strong a take as LeBron had, but you get his point. LeBron is usually very good at taking the high road, but in this particular case he couldn't let Barkley continue to trash him on television.

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