The Wizards' altercation with the Celtics and Jae Crowder on Wednesday night may have been due to a chippy game between the two teams. It may have been because of something John Wall said to Crowder after the clock expired. But it should be noted that Crowder himself has some history with the Wizards franchise that probably contributed at least a little to what happened at TD Garden.

Former Washington head coach Randy Wittman had a disagreement with Crowder during a game last January and Crowder accused him of using obscenities. Then over the summer, after Al Horford chose to sign with the Celtics in free agency after engaging with the Wizards, Crowder threw some shade at Washington to gloat about his team's acquisition.

Crowder was quoted saying this: "He had Washington and some other teams looking at him, but we beat them four times this year. You don't want to go there."

Marcin Gorat, for one, noticed and decided to take a screenshot to help him remember:

Gortat wasn't involved in Wednesday night's confrontation, but you can bet he wasn't the only Wizards player to see Crowder's comments over the summer. And it's not just Crowder they have issues with. Marcus Smart is also one they don't particularly like.

It should be fun watching these two teams go at it again on Jan. 24 at the Verizon Center.


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