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Chris Miller asks John Wall about the best guards in Wizards history


Chris Miller asks John Wall about the best guards in Wizards history

John Wall sat down with CSN's Chris Miller for an exclusive one-on-one interview as the Wizards head into the offseason.

After racking up 792 assists for Washington in the 2014-15 season, Wall is just 833 away from breaking the franchise's all-time assist record. He would need to average 10.2 dimes for 82 games next season to reach that milestone.

Wall hadn't realized he was so close to the record and didn't think it would be all that hard to break next year. 

"Well that lets me know that if I didn't get injured my first year, and if I didn't sit out those games my third year from injury, I might have already broken the record," Wall said laughing. He also credited the teammates around him. "Having guys that I know can knock down shots or having big men that can roll and finish around the paint. I have the trust in those guys to pass them the ball."

The conversation moved to the greatest point guards in Washington Wizards and Bullets history. 

"I heard he was smooth, smooth sailing," Wall said of Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. "That's all I really could say. I obviously didn't watch him, but they say he was nice, he was crafty."

He was more familiar with Rod Strickland. 

"My man. I heard he'd tape all his fingers up, he'd throw up before the games, but he brought the dog in him. He had the dog, the street ball in him and he was a great player," Wall said. "Probably one of the best finishers around the basket, but also did a great job of running his team and setting guys up."

And last, but certainly not least interesting, Miller asked about Gilbert Arenas. 

"Like a big brother to me. You know we still talk, we still communicate. He wishes me the best of luck." Wall answered. "To be anywhere near him, and all those other guys, is huge because when I was sitting back in high school and college and watching him hit game-winners and turn it around, it was pretty big and amazing to see. He was probably one of the top five best players of the time."

The All-Star guard turned shy when pressed to evaluate his own game. 

"God blessed me with the ability and talents to be able to create for a lot of my teammates. I think me just building the trust even when I wasn't a great offensive player, scoring and taking bad shots at times," he said.

"I feel like I can shoot a lot more, but my job is to get everybody else involved and make sure those guys stay in a rhythm ... My main goal to is to bring a championship here. That's something that hasn't been done in a long, long time."

You can watch the full interview above. 

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Tim Connelly explains his interview with Wizards, decision to stay with Nuggets

Tim Connelly explains his interview with Wizards, decision to stay with Nuggets

Tim Connelly sat down with Wizards owner Ted Leonsis about the head front-office opening on Friday.

On Monday, NBC Sports Washington confirmed that he decided to stick with his role as president of basketball operations for the Denver Nuggets

A day later, he spoke to the media at a press conference and answered questions about his meeting with Washington.

Clear in Connelly's comments were his respect for Leonsis, but commitment to continuity in Denver. 

"I had a really nice conversation with Mr. Leonsis and his staff. He's a fantastic owner, I think a real visionary. I was really impressed by who he was and his thoughts for the team. That team's going to be special quickly under his leadership. We just had a conversation and not much more than that."

As for the reason for the discussion with Leonsis, Connelly said it came down to his love for the franchise. 

"I spent 14 years there. Certainly it's where I'm from, it's where my wife's from, so I just wanted to have the conversation because I care about the organization," he said.

"I'd never had an audience with [Leonsis], so to have that conversation and exchange of ideas, you know, it's flattering." 

Ultimately, however, the Baltimore native emphasized that Washington couldn't entice him away from the franchise he'd spent the last six years building. 

"Loyalty and patience is such a rarity in professional sports and that's here in spades. Those things matter to me," he said. "I had a hard time envisioning myself elsewhere."

With Connelly out of the picture, the list of candidates for the Wizards front-office opening is narrowing. Currently, Tommy Sheppard, Danny Ferry and Troy Weaver remain in the conversation. 


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The Wizards' GM search was kind of a mess, but the NBA has much bigger drama right now

USA Today Sports

The Wizards' GM search was kind of a mess, but the NBA has much bigger drama right now

So, the Wizards' search for a GM kind of turned into a mess. 

We thought Tim Connelly was set to take the job of President of Basketball Operations. All signs pointed to him being the guy from the beginning. All reports said this was going to happen.

Then, he turned it down

The thing with the NBA though is there always seems to be someone else that says "hold my beer" when you think you've seen all the drama. 

Sure, fans are disappointed that Tim Connelly decided to stay with the Nuggets, but people turn down jobs all the time. Everyone wanted him to be the guy, but it didn't work out.

Things could be a lot worse.

Always remember, at least you're not a Lakers fan. 

First, there was Magic Johnson eviscerating the organization on First Take.

Then, conveniently enough, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka had to face the media while introducing his new head coach that clearly wasn't anything near his first choice, on the same day. He did all this while faking a smile with us all knowing he was fuming inside. 


The Lakers continue to be the most dysfunctional team in the NBA, and just can't seem to get out of their own way. Now granted, if Magic really wasn't ever around the organization, it's understandable that people might be upset. We've all worked with that person that just always seems to be out of the office. 

That being said, the airing of the dirty laundry, the hiring of their tenth (?) choice at head coach, and the terrible disaster of a 2018-19 season all put together continues to sink the Lakers father and farther down the respectability list.  

Not to be outdone though, #NBATwitter made sure to bring us another round of Kevin Durant social media drama, going after Fox Sports' Chris Broussard. 

Followed by some random guy named "Kam".

This is the thing about the NBA, it's reality TV when you're not watching games. Some love it, some hate it, and most refuse to admit that deep down you can't get enough of it.

So just remember Wizards fans, you might not be getting Connelly, but at least the Wizards aren't fighting with random fans on Instagram. And that, in this week's rankings of the NBA's greatest soap opera-inspired drama, is some great offseason news.