DeJuan Blar joined the Wizards in the summer of 2014. It never worked. Now the seven-year NBA veteran is heading overseas.

Blair signed a contract to play in the Chinese Baskteball League, according to a report. He finished last season without a team after the Suns waived him following an NBA trade deadline deal with the Wizards for Markieff Morris.

That's probably for the best based on how little Blair saw the court over the last two seasons even when the Wizards dealt with frontcourt injures. The hefty 6-foot-7 center played 29 games in each of the past two seasons, scoring 117 points while picking up 94 fouls.

In theory, this should have worked out better. Blair played at least 61 games in his previous five seasons before joining Washington including a career-high 78 with Dallas during the 2013-14 campaign. Never much of a help defensively, Blair had a knack for scoring in bunches while providing some beef inside. The Wizards brought him as they tried shoring up their reinforcements in case the oft-injured Nene missed more time. Instead, Blair wasn't in ideal basketball shape upon arrival and never found his way into coach Randy Wittman's rotation. 

Part of the issue also involved the NBA's evolution. As teams used more spread-the-court shooters, Blair's limited mobility became a true liability on the perimeter.


Just 27, he could still make his way back to the NBA. Based on how he finished and how the game is changing, don't bet on it.

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