With the Sacramento Kings in Washington to play the Wizards, stars DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall were once again asked about each other, as the two were teammates at the University of Kentucky before they were drafted in 2010 and they remain very good friends. Wall talked about their friendship, but Cousins went much further than that and discussed the possibility of them teaming up again someday in the NBA.

Cousins, according to Ben Standig of 'Locked on Wizards,' said that Wall and him have discussed the possibility before along with Suns guard Eric Bledsoe, who was also on their Kentucky team.

"Do we ever talk about playing with one another? … It's come up," Cousins said. "He wants me here. Eric [Bledsoe] wants us in Phoenix."

Cousins went on to say several times that if he had it his way, the reunion would happen in Sacramento.

"They're all going to come to Sacramento. Come to Sac," he joked. "Play with John and Eric again? You never know what will happen. It's the NBA, so hopefully one day he'll be in a Sacramento uniform."

Wall is a three-time All-Star, while Cousins is a two-time All-Star. Bledsoe is also a good player, having averaged at least 17 points in each of the last four seasons.

Wall's contract runs through the 2018-19 season and so does Bledsoe's. Cousins' runs up after 2017-18. Cousins has the easiest path to join Wall or Bledsoe, given free agency is the most realistic route.


If the three of them teamed up, it would be quite the tandem. Wizards fans, of course, hope that any such scenario would happen in Washington. And, according to Cousins, Wall feels the same.

Here's the full transcript of Cousins' conversation with 'Locked on Wizards'.

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