While JaVale McGee used humor to explain what happened when Brandon Jennings pushed him to the ground in the final minute of the Wizards' loss to the Warriors on Sunday night, his teammates came to his defense and explained why they thought Jennings was out of line. 

Jennings shoved McGee because he and the Wizards thought the Warriors were running up the score. They had a 22-point lead at the time, had left Stephen Curry and Draymond Green in well after the game was in hand, and McGee was attempting an unnecessary three-pointer.

But, as Green explained afterwards to NBC Sports Bay Area, McGee had reason to shoot because the shot clock was ticking down.

“We had to shoot a shot or take a turnover. We always shoot the ball in that situation. We don’t really take turnovers. Whether you shoot a 2 or a 3, it’s a shot.

“I think because it was JaVale, people may say it’s disrespectful. But JaVale actually works on it. I’m not in favor of him working on it, but he works on that every day.”

Shooting guard Klay Thompson echoed Green.

“What’s JaVale supposed to do? Let the clock run out and get a turnover? It’s basketball.”

The Wizards had plenty to say about the incident afterwards and how they thought the Warriors were being disrespectful. John Wall said the Warriors were trying to "embarrass" the Wizards.

Keep that in mind if the Wizards and Warriors meet in the NBA Finals this June.

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