All statistics aren't created equal, which is why Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat having the same production in points (five) and rebounds (10) isn't an indication of a stalemate. 

Gortat had an impact on the game on both ends, especially in the fourth quarter vs. the Atlanta Hawks where his screening freed shooters and one-on-one defense on Paul Millsap made the difference in a 103-99 victory in Game 5.

Here are some examples...

Gortat pins Mike Muscala, after setting two screens to get Beal the ball and then into the lane. There's no challenge to the floater as Gortat clears the space.

This isn't the first time that Gortat faced Millsap in the fourth quarter when Atlanta went to a small lineup with him at the five. Gortat hurt the Hawks on the offensive end in Game 2 when they went to this and defensively in this instance he did the job. Millsap shot two of nine in the period. 

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The floodgates open for Gortat when he dives to the basket when Muscala or Ersan Ilyasova are in the middle instead of Howard. 

This looks similar to Beal's floater in the paint pointed out in the first example except the beneficiary of Gortat's screens is Wall. He can't get to the front of the rim with Howard in as the Hawks' big man doesn't contest and settles for boxing out Gortat. If he goes for the block, Gortat can slip inside for the carom if Howard doesn't get his hand on it. 

After setting a flare screen for Beal to get the ball, Gortat slips to the hoop and Kent Bazemore is forced to foul him on help. He gets a full sprint that's not available with Horward parked underneath and rarely budging.

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