Earlier this week we found out that Emeka Okafor is hoping for an NBA comeback after missing all of the last four seasons. It turns out he's not the only former Wizards player trying to accomplish that feat.

Kwame Brown, who also last played in the 2012-13 season, is holding out hope for another chance at the age of 35. That's according to an interview with Brown on HoopsHype.com.

Brown played 12 years in the NBA and most recently with the Sixers. But a hamstring injury helped contribute to his career ending at the age of 31. 

Brown is now participating in Ice Cube's 'Big 3' league. He's on a team with former NBA stars Jason Williams and Rashard Lewis.

Brown's hopes for an NBA return were revealed in a long interview with Hoops Hype. He also discussed his early days in Washington after he was picked first overall in the 2001 draft. 

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He said that being a teenager on a veteran team was very difficult and how Chris Whitney was the one guy who really took him under his wing. That included doing things outside of basketball with him because Brown felt he couldn't go out in public very often.

"Going to the grocery store to get a bag of chips, it may take two hours to get out because of autographs and pictures. Chris was the first guy who took me out and showed me different parts of DC and Maryland," Brown said. 


There were also these parts of the interview that cleared up some famous stories about Brown's relationship with Michael Jordan. Brown insists that much of it wasn't true:

"MJ is way too smart to do anything to me in front of people (laughs). I just think it was just people who were around, they’d see him yelling at me or something and think, “Oh my God, look at how he’s treating the kid!” People viewed me as a child, but I was fine... There was a report that Michael Jordan would make me cry in the front of the team (laughs). A guy who grew up like I grew up don’t really cry much. The report about him calling me a homophobic slur isn’t true."

The full interview is worth checking out. Brown goes into more detail about his time in Washington and other stops.

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