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G-Wiz of the Wizards was robbed in the professional sports mascot rankings, is the best in D.C. sports

G-Wiz of the Wizards was robbed in the professional sports mascot rankings, is the best in D.C. sports

The internet has many benefits as a learning tool, a way for people across the globe to connect and for some to pursue their dreams in ways not previously possible. But the internet also has its drawbacks. Sometimes things can be published for the entire world to see that are so fundamentally wrong that one must speak up. For the sake of those in society who don't have a voice, one must point out a correction to right an obvious and terrible wrong.

I am of course referring to the latest pro sports mascot rankings released by Deadspin on Friday afternoon. In light of Mr. Met being fired by the New York Mets for losing his cool and flicking off a fan, Deadspin compiled a list of the 70 best mascots in professional sports. It was a great idea.

The Deadspin staff came up with a rating system where each mascot was scored on a scale of 1 to 10. Ironically, Mr. Met came in first with a 9.13 rating. The Phillie Phanatic, a furry green native of the Galapagos Islands who represents the Philadelphia Phillies, came in second. The Phanatic probably should have been first, but that's an argument for another day.

Here's where they lost me and so many out there who enjoy the miming, dancing adult-sized muppets who entertain us at sporting events: G-Wiz of the Wizards is shockingly low.

They have G-Wiz all the way down at 64th with a 2.80 rating. It's just not right.

Look at G-Wiz's story and you find out why he is special. This isn't your ordinary mascot. 

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According to G-Wiz's official online biography, the Wizards' mascot first had dreams of playing in the NBA. He - the website refers to him as 'he,' which may settle some debates - actually tried out for the team, but they didn't have any room on the roster. So, instead of feeling blue and sinking into depression, G-Wiz channeled those emotions into an audition as the mascot. It was there that he found his calling. The rest is history.

Consider the credentials G-Wiz brings with him. According to his bio, "G-Wiz recovered from the rejection and focused on his school work. He graduated early with a PhD in Dancing, Bachelor of Science in Acrobatics and a Minor in Magic. Mamma and Pappa-Wiz were so proud of their son for all of his hard work."

The only D.C. mascot ahead of G-Wiz on the list is Screech of the Nationals. He's one spot ahead at 63rd. And in front of them are a few no-names that make you scratch your head and wonder why G-Wiz, who is famous for his belly-shaking, was snubbed behind them.

Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot? T-Rac of the Tennessee Titans? Slamson of the Sacamento Kings? Wow, a lion that dunks. So original. Never seen that one before.

Do any of those mascots have a PhD in dancing? I didn't think so.

Now, this is not to say G-Wiz should be atop the list. A top 20 ranking would probably suffice. But to not even have G-Wiz as the top-ranked mascot in D.C. is a slap in G-Wiz's furry blue snout.

G-Wiz is obviously the best mascot in D.C. The rest of them are all eagles. Screech is an eagle. Slapshot of the Capitals is an eagle. Talon of the D.C. United is an eagle. American University has an eagle. Too many eagles!

Georgetown University has an actual dog, which is awesome. It can ride a skateboard, and that is cool. But G-Wiz can ride a dirtbike. Can Jack the Bulldog do that?

It's time people give G-Wiz the respect he deserves. He literally doesn't have a voice, so somebody had to speak up.

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John Wall had the worst game of his career against the Cavs

John Wall had the worst game of his career against the Cavs

The problem with John Wall on Saturday night in the Wizards' blowout loss to the Cavs depended somewhat on whom was asked. Either that, or it was all of the above.

Head coach Scott Brooks indicated to reporters in Cleveland that Wall was sick. Bradley Beal referenced personal issues the team would prefer to keep in-house. Wall suggested he was hampered by a nagging left heel injury. 

Wall's explanation certainly passed the eye test. He clearly didn't have his trademark burst up and down the floor. Plus, he has been icing his left foot after recent games.

Add it all up and it was enough to produce the worst stat line of Wall's nine-year NBA career. Never before had he been held without a field goal and not once had he scored just one point in a game.

Wall runs the Wizards' offense, so naturally, his lethargic play set a sleepy tone. The Wizards dragged their feet, got shoved around by Tristan Thompson and went down by as many as 29. A reminder that this was against the Cavs, a 6-20 team with the worst defensive rating in the league.

Wall went on to tell the Washington Post that the pain in his heel is bad enough that he can't yet commit to playing on Monday in the Wizards' next game. 

When Wall is playing through injuries, he will often go out of his way to downplay them. His admission of the heel injury and how much it has hurt him is unusual and indicates the severity.

Wall has been dealing with several minor leg injuries this season. On top of the heel issue, he played through a thigh bruise earlier this year. But it had yet to be this bad and there may be a reason for that.

Wall returned for this game after being away for a few days to deal with a personal matter. Perhaps that time off made it tough for him to get loose or manage the injury like he usually does when under the watch of team doctors. 

That would make sense, given the last time he played, he played well. Wall had 18 points and 15 assists against the Knicks on Monday.

Many factors may have been at play. The result was a hobbled version of Wall, one who couldn't force enough separation to even get his shots off. Wall attempted only five field goals, the second-fewest of his career. Usually, even on his worst shooting nights, Wall can at least put up shots.

The pain and how it affected his game was clearly wearing on Wall. With just under two minutes to go in the first half, he drove into contact in the lane. After missing the layup, and not getting a foul call, he slapped the stanchion under the hoop before slowly turning to head back on defense.

When Wall is at peak powers, he plays with an unrelenting chip on his shoulder, flying to the rim like he's drawn by a magnetic force. He glides down the court, finishing with left-handed dunks and darts to open teammates on the perimeter. 

On Saturday, the swagger wasn't there. He hung his head, trotted timidly up and down the court and watched helplessly as rookie Collin Sexton and others drove past him.

Wall was far removed from his usual self against the Cavs. It would be hard to envision a scenario in which the Wizards could win with how he played.

At this point, it wouldn't be surprising if he missed Monday's game against the Pacers. The Wizards need him at or near 100 percent and he wasn't close enough against the Cavs.


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Details emerge regarding the lingering injury which led to John Wall's career-worst night

Details emerge regarding the lingering injury which led to John Wall's career-worst night

On a night that Washington found itself trailing the Cleveland Cavaliers for the majority of the game, details are now surfacing regarding what may have contributed to John Wall's career-low in scoring. 

The five-time All-Star spent significant time postgame nursing a bone spur, he told reporters. 

He said he 'probably shouldn't have played' in a game where a victory would have made it four consecutive for Washington (11-15). 

It certainly didn't help that Wall had Cavs rookie Collin Sexton's never-ending motor running by him all game long. The 19-year-old lit it up in Cleveland for 29 points (13-23 FG), three rebounds and six assists. 

In 26 minutes of work, Wall scored one point and was 0-5 from the floor. Luckily for the 28-year-old, Washington has Sunday off before Monday's matchup with the Pacers in Indiana.