On Thursday night, during the second quarter of Game 3 between the Wizards and Celtics, an already testy atmosphere veered off the rails.

Celtics center Kelly Olynyk set a pick on Wizards' Kelly Oubre, and Olynyk appeared to throw his elbow into Oubre's throat.

The second-year forward took exception that that, and took a running start at Olynyk before launching himself into the Canadian big-man. 


Oubre was ejected for his actions with the Wizards leading by 22 points. If you are wondering who to blame in this situation, we may not have the answer. but what we do have is knowledge of Olynyk.

You may remember that during the 2015 NBA Playoff first round matchup between the Celtics and Cavaliers, Olynyk was the man responsible for injuring the shoulder of Cleveland forward Kevin Love.

Love suffered a dislocated shoulder and missed the remainder of the postseason, which ended with the Cavaliers coming up short in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Olynyk had built a reputation as a tough, gritty player, and Love was among the many to believe that Olynyk injured Love on purpose.

Now, the play on Love and the play on Oubre are very different, but given the man on the giving end, it's not hard to notice a pattern here.