Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer has some specific advice for his point guard Dennis Schroder in dealing with Wizards star John Wall: be like Kawhi Leonard.

That's what Schroder told K.L. Chouinard of Hawks.com. Schroder spoke extensively on the subject of trash talk with Wall following Wall's dunk and staredown of Schroder in Game 2.

Schroder said of Budenholzer: "Coach don't want me to talk like that. He wants me to be like San Antonio... like Kawhi Leonard."

Schroder added: "You know, I was talking ****, too. It happens. Sometimes it's just like that... but sometimes you've gotta be bigger than that."

Leonard is compared to a robot all the time because he is stoic and doesn't show much personality either during or outside of games. Will we see Schroder follow suit? 

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