If Tomas Satoransky wanted to play in the NBA for the team that owns his rights, the 2016-17 season seemed like a good time.

No playing the third string point guard role behind John Wall and either Andre Miller or Ramon Sessions.

The third guard slot if not the sixth man role is available with only five players under contract for next season plus restricted free agent Bradley Beal.

Speaking of Beal, his injury history suggests even more playing time opportunity for a 6-foot-7 talent capable of playing multiple wing spots.

The Wizards can add free agents, but are unlikely to have any picks in the 2016 NBA Draft.

For now, let's wonder this: What exactly would the Wizards get in this international man of mystery? 

"He is already one the toughest, best two-way guards in Europe," said David Pick, one of the leading international basketball reporters. 

When Satoransky, Washington's second-round pick in 2012, signed a four-year contract extension in March with FC Barcelona, one of the top international teams outside of the NBA, it appeared that immediate window had closed. The Wizards haven't ruled out bringing over Satoransky for the upcoming season but a buyout with Barcelona is involved. According to an overseas report Friday, the Wizards are actively pursuing that option. Otherwise there are opt out clauses during the offseasons in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The Wizards met with Satoransky, 24, before he signed his extension, Wizards Insider J. Michael previously reported.


During an email conversation with CSNmidatlatic.com late in the NBA season, Pick explained that "Barcelona decided to put all its eggs in Tomas' basket going forward as its No. 1 PG in the near future" with Marcelo Huertas playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. "It made a lot of sense for them to lure him back with a nice contract and lock him up long-term."

While Satoransky went with the immediate security and clear, he hasn't given up on the NBA. Pick believed at the time the odds were good he would eventually join the NBA.

Should that happen, what would the Wizards get?

In terms of numbers, Satoransky averaged 9.6 points, 4.3 assists, 2.9 rebounds and 24 minutes in 58 games -- Euroleague and La Liga -- for Barcelona this past season while shooting 38.9 percent from behind the international 3-point line. Game often translates more than stats so don't put too much stock in those numbers, though the perimeter shooting is promisng. (For those with Jan Vesely fears, Satoransky is career 79% free throw shooter). 

Though blessed with good vision, Satoransky's athleticism and aggression have arguably been the most impressive parts of his game dating back to when Washington selected him.

"He is SO GOOD," Pick wrote. "Hits game winning shots. ... super-athletic, probably the most athletic PG overseas."

With Satoransky on board, the Wizards could have a true high-flying and lengthy lineup at times with 6-foot-8 Otto Porter and 6-foot-10 Markieff Morris in the frontcourt, 6-foot-5 Beal, 6-foot-4 Wall and Satoransky in the backcourt. On paper, that's far closer to a young, pass-happy, shot-making, pace-and-space lineup then what Washington could put on the court much of this past season.

That's if Satoransky comes over. Ultimately, it sounds more like when than if, but now would make a lot of sense.