Isaiah Thomas was an unhappy man after the Wizards blew out the Celtics in Game 3. And no small part of that frustration came from the way the game was officiated.

Despite eight technical fouls and one flagrant 2 being called, Thomas still faulted the referees for failing to keep the chippiness under control.

At the postgame podium, Thomas said officials "couldn't control the game" after the Wizards set a physical tone early.

"It was physical the first two games as well, it just didn't seem like they could control it this game for whatever reason," Thomas said. It was a theme he kept revisiting in subsequent responses. 

When asked how to keep physicality in check going forward, the star point guard again pointed to the refs. 

"We have to control ourselves a little better, but the refs have to control the game as well. We can't do it all," he said. "They hit us first, they had more energy than us, and usually the team that hits first and is more physical, the refs allow them to be more physical throughout the whole game."

Thomas was questioned about what specifically the Wizards were getting away with. 

"Avery Bradley is a first-team all defender. He doesn't get the respect he should get on that end of the floor," Thomas said. "We're playing just as physical as them, but we're the ones getting all the fouls called on us."

"We call ourselves a defensive team, but if the other team is being aggressive too, I mean they foul every now and then as well as we do. So I just feel like it should be a little more even."


It's an interesting complaint from Boston's star player. In fact, both teams were called for the exact same number of personal fouls, 26 apiece. 

The Celtics actually shot more free throws, 33 to the Wizards' 25. 

Thomas had a more frustrating game than usual, scoring just 13 points shooting 3 of 8 from the field. He was bothered by multiple defenders on him at any given time, but he went to the line often, hitting 7 of 11 free throw attempts. 

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