JaVale McGee is a different dude, so it should probably come as no surprise that he took an entirely original viewpoint on the play late in Sunday night's Warriors win over the Wizards that resulted in Brandon Jennings shoving McGee to the ground. Jennings pushed him because he thought the Warriors were running up the score late in a blowout, something that is considered bad sportsmanship in basketball.

McGee was able to joke about it afterwards and said he was happy that Jennings pushed him. Here's why, via Anthony Slater of the Mercury News Group:

"I thought I was going to make the shot, but I airballed it. I’m glad he pushed me, to tell you the truth. Like, say he didn’t push me, right? I would have airballed it and it would have looked horrible. You see what I’m saying? So, shout out to Brandon Jennings," he said.

McGee went on to say that he understood why the Wizards were mad and that it wasn't his intention to be a bad sport:

"It didn’t shock me... everyone knows the basketball rules," he said. "I shot it because we would rather have a missed shot than a turnover. That’s the only reason that I shot it. If there was no shot clock, then I wouldn’t have shot the ball. I wouldn’t even ask for the ball."


Here are McGee's full comments:

Now, that's a funny way of looking at it. Good for McGee to laugh it all off.

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